20 Reasons You Are Mentally Weak – Show easy ways to make money Me Strength

Below is a list of actions we take which I easy ways to make money believe are mental shortcomings. These are issues in our life that keep us from easy ways to make money being who we want to be. This is a list to let us know what chinks easy ways to make money we might have in our armor that we need to easy ways to make money patch if we want to succeed and become better humans. It’s really blunt. Really to the point. And honestly. I hope I offend you because it will make you easy ways to make money better.

1.) you simply don’t do what you say you’re going to do – it’s number one on the list because this is the easy ways to make money first that came to mind. By stating you will in fact be there or do easy ways to make money something for someone else should mean it will get done…no matter what. Too many of us can’t keep promises or follow through because we are too easy ways to make money wrapped up in ourselves, or realize it is just too damn hard. It sounded promising when you said you’d be in the gym at 6am to train when easy ways to make money you were at the bar till 2. But you didn’t show up. Situations like these weed out the weak really quickly.

2 .) you’re afraid of confrontation when it’s necessary – sticking up for yourself is never as easy at it easy ways to make money looks. Asking for a raise when you believe you deserve one, I’m sure, isn’t comfortable. Talking through a blowout fight with your significant other the easy ways to make money next day is probably pretty rough. It says something about your character when you back away easy ways to make money from these situations though. No one on earth enjoys awkward or uncomfortable confrontations like easy ways to make money these. So be aware next time this happens so you can easy ways to make money jump right in and get things resolved the way you easy ways to make money want them to.

5.) you don’t stick to the plan – do you skip days in the gym just because you easy ways to make money aren’t feeling 100%? Do you program hop from new trend to new trend easy ways to make money instead of embracing the work of your initial plan? Do you make plans to get things done, but get side tracked by less important tasks? We all can attest to days where we just get easy ways to make money lazy and realize we don’t feel like working, but if you can get into the habit of adhering easy ways to make money closely to plans you make in life, there’s no question your best work will get done. Things always sound good on paper until we get to easy ways to make money work and realize painful effort is sometimes necessary. Embrace it and see things through the right way.

6.) you give in when you are tired – you have so much more left in the tank when easy ways to make money you quit. I’m serious. We always seem to negotiate for rest in any situation, and it upsets me because I do it from time easy ways to make money to time. I know that I truly don’t need the extra sleep. I know that I don’t need 8 hours. I know that I’m strong, and capable of incredible action in my life. Yet, sometimes I’m lazy. I know that I shouldn’t put things off, but I do. Why? To fucking rest. It’s ridiculous. I think it’s important to realize that being tired is your body easy ways to make money telling you to quit. Sometimes its the right move, but many times you can get to a whole new easy ways to make money level in productivity if you shrug it off as just easy ways to make money a feeling, nothing more.

7.) you don’t show appreciation – being humble and gracious shows me a lot of character. You can easily tell how a person was raised by easy ways to make money the way they say thanks or take things for granted. Sincere gratitude for someone else’s generosity is a sign of a strong person, in my opinion. People who show outward entitlement are weak. I don’t get along with those types too well. Start noticing and appreciating small gestures of kindness. Start giving them out too.

8.) you’re afraid of pain for the greater good – good pain. Pain that won’t injure you, only toughen you, is essential in our life. A great friend of mine and I decided once to easy ways to make money dedicate a whole winter to throwing ourselves into painful situations easy ways to make money for mental toughness development. We swam in freezing cold water, trained until we couldn’t go any further, woke up ridiculously early, and made our lives both miserable and unbelievably rewarding at easy ways to make money the same time. I recently completed a month of cold showers only. 10 percent of the days I loved it. I was fired up about it. The other 90 percent of the time, turning it a little warmer entered my mind. I never did though. It taught me that a little discomfort can bring about easy ways to make money a great reward of a job well done, and a job completed.

9.) you can’t handle the truth – your whole life were you told you are the greatest. Mommy and daddy think you are the best thing in easy ways to make money the world, and for them, rightly so, you are. You are their biggest achievement, no matter what. But no-one else thinks about you this way. Sometimes you just aren’t so spectacular after all. Sometimes you do a shitty job. Sometimes you just plain suck. But you don’t think so, so when someone gives it to you bluntly, it hurts. You can’t take it. You run and hide. Have some humility for god’s sake. You aren’t that great sometimes. Learn from your shortcomings, absorb the criticism, and come out a new and improved creature.

10.) you can’t go without being connected – I hate to break it to ya, but no one cares if your girlfriend liked your most easy ways to make money recent post on facebook…and you shouldn’t give a fuck either. I think its scary how in touch we are with easy ways to make money social media sometimes. It really is a distraction to the output of our easy ways to make money highest contribution. No question there is immense upside to being in touch easy ways to make money with friends and family, but almost all of us take it to far. Put your phone on sleep mode or try this app easy ways to make money called “self control.” <– but really check it out.

11.) your day can be ruined over someone else’s problem or opinion – you’re too sensitive sometimes. Does the fact that your colleague called you a piece easy ways to make money of shit because you didn’t make the coffee the right way make you go easy ways to make money home and sulk about it on the couch? Did your boyfriend or girlfriend leave in a pissed off easy ways to make money mood for no apparent reason today? Do your family members bring you down with their negativity easy ways to make money or inactivity? It’s time to stop allowing others to have such a easy ways to make money big impact on your destiny. You are the hero of your story, not them. Yes, they might play a big role, but your attitude doesn’t need to be brought down because of them.

12.) tough times break you – it’s one thing to say you can’t be beaten or adversity only makes you stronger, but when faced up close and personal with heartbreak, tragedy, loss, and other gloomy parts of our life, it strips us naked and shows who we really are easy ways to make money on the inside. I’ve hand my fair share of adversity, and I’m sure you have too, but what’s most crucial is that you realize it’s how you show up for those around you that easy ways to make money really makes you tough. It’s also how you react and rise to the challenge easy ways to make money is difficult times.

13.) people know you as a complainer – people who whine like there’s no tomorrow when the going gets tough, but are happy and giddy during the good times piss easy ways to make money me off like no other. If you like to complain to hook into sympathy from easy ways to make money others, you are soft. Complaining is only necessary when it’s beneficial for getting something taken care of or issues easy ways to make money resolved. It doesn’t have a place most of the time.

14.) grueling or tiring work makes you upset, whiny, or quit – this goes back to pain for the greater good. Sometimes you’re gonna need to get your hands a little dirty. I love people why have incredible stamina simply because they easy ways to make money just need to get something done. They don’t find ways to take shortcuts. They persevere without hesitation to accomplish something. It could be as simple as completing a a days easy ways to make money worth of yard work or as tedious as hiking up easy ways to make money mt. Kilimanjaro. Being unbreakably positive is the best thing you can focus easy ways to make money on during grueling activity.

15.) you don’t know how to say no – in the book essentialism, greg mckeown discusses the importance of “tradeoffs” in finding the root to your highest contribution to the easy ways to make money world. Basically, he means that sometimes you need say no, even to great or appealing things, in order to pursue a higher calling. Committing to something should mean you’re in for sure. Don’t feel bad and say yes to everything. Sack up. Say no to things that aren’t making you and others better or aren’t going to be fulfilling.

17.) you need an instant reward and are afraid of the easy ways to make money process – you see this a bunch with fitness and health. A perfect example is the disgusting life of kim kardashian, and her marketing to the millions. <— brutal article alert. Folks out there like her make a ton of money easy ways to make money because they prey on the people who are afraid of easy ways to make money hard work. Millions of us want the magic pill or cleanse, or workout, and these millions of people are afraid of working hard easy ways to make money to see results. They wanted to lose 10 pounds and they wanted it easy ways to make money yesterday. My advice is to embrace the fact that nothing worthwhile easy ways to make money comes overnight. Understand there will be good times and bad. Just roll with it, and become wrapped up in the process of daily improvement. It’s way more rewarding in the end.

18.) you are comfortable with being average at something – are you ok with being a crappy student? Are you ok with your decent, but not ideal job? Are you fine with being a so-so lover? Fine with fitting into the status quo and being unremarkable? I understand that we all aren’t natural geniuses or incredibly gifted athletically, but when you can control the effort, your progress, and your learning, there is no excuse to be mediocre or stagnant in easy ways to make money how you stand with most things. Certain aspects of your being are 100 percent up to easy ways to make money you with how good you become, so fuck mediocrity, and start improving today.

19.) you treat your body with disrespect – you are born with a lamborghini that has the most easy ways to make money capable computer system known to mankind. Yet, everyday we are confronted with a million ways to trash easy ways to make money it. I’m talking about yourself, your body and mind you’ve been blessed with. You put in cheap fuel, and never update your software. Your body is soft from poor nutrition and lack of easy ways to make money challenge, and your mind is weak from lack of stimulation and easy ways to make money . It’s time to get yourself back. Train for life. Learn to grow.

20.) quitting is an option – above all else, never quit. It’s easy to quit, I know. We are faced with the opportunity everyday. Never will we escape the grips of the resistance to easy ways to make money give in. Never will quitting stop to try and force its way easy ways to make money into your head. Train yourself with small victories. Decide that you will complete something to the best of easy ways to make money your ability. Shout it out loud if you have to. It doesn’t matter if you are tired, hungry, cold, or weak. You already decided you will never quit. So don’t.

I enjoyed reading your article. I agree, sometimes I’m weak at a few of these things at one easy ways to make money time or another. 5 happens on occasion. It’s not necessarily laziness, but all of my plans lately have been back burnered, delayed or I only get part of them done. I just think I’m tired because I work full time and also go easy ways to make money care for my grandma who has been in hospice for easy ways to make money almost 5 months. So, doing #16 weighs heavily against #5. I have let #11 get to me every once in a great-great while, but it’s generally a sleep on it and it’ll go away the next day thing. I rarely hold grudges.

Now #19, yeah, I’m not terribly nice to my body. Good at exercise and physical work but not very good easy ways to make money at limitations to protect myself from further injury to war easy ways to make money related injuries. I have been told many times I have amazing endurance easy ways to make money and can go all day at just about anything. I just get into a mode. I also don’t always eat right. I recognize that I will probably always struggle with #19. Everything else, I’m always strong and unyielding about. I know I picked up strength after having a child, going through a divorce and being deployed to war a easy ways to make money couple times. Being on alert 24/7, shot at and seeing some real life suffering and gore easy ways to make money makes you reevaluate life. You let go of little or insignificant things, and identify what’s vital to you most.

I see most of the items on this list as easy ways to make money weakness in people I know or am related to. Some people I know have failures in every category. I don’t know how they even survive. I can only imagine how miserable or toxic they are, so I limit my time around them or tell them easy ways to make money to grow a pair and get on with it. I don’t know if it’s age, experience, the millennial generation, or today’s culture of thin skinned entitled whiners. Maybe it’s all of it or a combination of.