3 Ways to remove psychological barriers to philanthropic new ways to make money giving – clairification

In the past I’ve discussed how to turn the fear of loss equation new ways to make money online from a personal win/lose to a communal win/lose. This is important as it causes the donor to think new ways to make money online from a perspective of generosity and the common good ( if I don’t give, hundreds of children will have no water) rather than personal greed and fear of loss ( if I give, I won’t be able to go out to dinner tonight). This will cause some folks to tip into the “yes, I’ll give” column. But… not everyone.

ACTION TIP TO OVERCOME DOUBTS: do a meaningful favor. Work by the guru of influence, robert cialdini, suggests you can pre-suade people to say “yes” in advance of asking them. We know human beings often feel obligated to return favors, even if they are unasked for. This is the ultimate reason why great customer service has new ways to make money online such a fantastic ROI, and the top reason customers become repeat customers. Psychologist norbert schwarz found in a 1987 study that it new ways to make money online doesn’t take much to start the process of reciprocity; even the smallest of favors allow goodwill to be bought new ways to make money online with customers, increasing loyalty and retention.

Offer meaningful gifts of content. Most nonprofits have tons of content sitting around, hidden, that would be really useful to their constituents. It doesn’t have to be expensive or tangible. It can simply be an article you’ve written with answers to frequently asked questions. Or a “how to” guide. Or the latest research. Or “top 10 tips” to keep your aging parents safe… go a little greener… get your kid to finish their homework… communicate your concerns to your legislator… etc. Share what you know and provide little “gifts” now, to promote longer and more lasting interactions later.

There are thousands of charities competing for your donor’s attention; they need a concrete reason to choose you. Perhaps you do what you do more quickly than your new ways to make money online competitors. More cost-effectively. More comprehensively. More collaboratively. Perhaps your claims of effectiveness are backed by research. Or client testimonials. Or perhaps you simply have lots more experience and expertise new ways to make money online than others in your field. Whatever is unique about you, make sure you let folks know!

ACTION TIP TO ESTABLISH TRUST: upfront, you achieve trust through social proof . When others say you can be trusted, people will tend to take their word for it. The best way to use testimonials is to begin by new ways to make money online making a list of all the common objections you receive. Then ask your current supporters to address these objections head-on with their testimonials. Check out this great article on collecting testimonials from nancy new ways to make money online schwartz at getting attention, and this one from caryn stein at network for good.

ACTION TIP TO SUSTAIN TRUST: after-the-donation, you complete trust through prompt gratitude and ongoing reporting. Donors need to know you received their gift, it was appreciated and it was put to work as new ways to make money online they intended. Beyond that, they need reassurance their investment was well-stewarded over time. Memories are short, and circumstances change. It’s a matter of “ what have you done for me lately?” if you thank folks once, and then wait a whole year to communicate with them new ways to make money online again, folks are not going to be ‘ready’ to repeat their giving without going through the whole cycle new ways to make money online of hesitations.

This donor retention and gratitude playbook can help! I invite you to join me for an easy, step-by-step, six-volume journey where you’ll learn how to make a great first impression — and then a terrific second, third and fourth impression — by thanking, praising and engaging with your donors in a manner that new ways to make money online makes them want to stay loyal to you. (you can purchase the volumes individually if you prefer; there’s a great bargain by buying the ‘bundle,’ however).