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The 357 magnum load boasts a fast-moving, heavy round. Although I don’t subscribe to the notion of stopping power, at least as it compares in importance to shot placement, there’s no denying that this caliber delivers tremendous impact, and commensurate recoil. Ammo isn’t terribly pricey for self-defense at approximately 50 cents per hollow-point round, but for practice, it can be both uncomfortable and costly.

Pick up some 38 special full metal jacket (FMJ) for practice and plinking, and your 357 mag revolver will serve as both a ways to make money with money range and self-protection gun. This cartridge is the same diameter, but shorter, with a smaller powder charge than 357. Using 38 special is also a great adaptation to make ways to make money with money shooting more comfortable for arthritic or injured hands.

The ruger GP100 is a popular and proven full-size 357 magnum revolver that most people find pleasurable to ways to make money with money shoot, even using the bigger cartridge. Prices are typically in the $600 range for plain models. Ruger’s carry-friendly LCR (lightweight compact revolver) is also available in 357. Expect snappy recoil from that one using 357. The LCR is priced in the $400 range, with many bargains available.

This hefty brazilian revolver can shoot 45 long colt or ways to make money with money 2.5-inch 410 shotshell loads, or a mixture thereof, from its five-chamber cylinder. It’s available in barrel lengths starting at two inches, up to 6.5 inches — and there may even be a few in circulation that ways to make money with money are even longer; these are just the lengths I’ve seen students bring to class. There’s no getting around the big recoil with the big ways to make money with money cartridge. Suffice to say, the two-inch barrel model should be avoided by people with achy ways to make money with money hands.

The judge is very popular as a home-defense weapon. Its weight makes it impractical for daily carry, though there are surely some folks who manage to do ways to make money with money so. The 45 long colt is expensive to purchase; defensive loads often cost in excess of $1 per round. On the other hand, 410 gauge shells, popular for use with the judge as a defense against ways to make money with money venomous snakes, can be picked up for less than 50 cents per ways to make money with money round.

Usually found in the mid-$400 range, prices vary widely with the judge depending on features and ways to make money with money finish. In my experience, they require more frequent repairs and maintenance when fired regularly, thanks to the stresses of high-pressure rounds cycling through a comparatively small weapon. Nonetheless, judge owners who embrace the “bigger is better” philosophy seem to glean a sense of security from having ways to make money with money this model in the nightstand.

Moving to the physically smaller end of the spectrum, bond arms of granbury, texas, makes a line of derringers with barrels ranging from 2.5 to 4.25 inches. Not only do the barrels range in length, but they range in caliber, as well. The same firearm that fires 22LR also can fire 45 ways to make money with money long colt, as well as most popular handgun calibers in between, regardless of whether the case is rimmed or not. Quite an innovative design!

Bond arms derringers have a two-round capacity, and are extremely compact. They’re big on texas style — easy to conceal but lovely to behold. Firing them does require some familiarization, even for experienced shooters, as their single-action operation with cross-bolt safety and downward-favoring trigger press are out of the ordinary. Recoil from bond’s short barrels and larger calibers is severe, but smaller calibers are easily managed, so a range of barrels will allow the entire family ways to make money with money to enjoy one gun. A bond arms derringer will cost from $450 to over $1,000 depending on model. While extra barrels are priced between $100 and $200, the company runs half-off specials on barrels around the holidays.

This old standby by savage arms of massachusetts is versatile, and although it’s a classic platform, its looks have been updated with a modern synthetic stock. In addition to being ideal for small game, the 42 is a good snake/varmint control tool. Some will consider it their choice for home defense, too. It weighs just over six pounds, and is a modest 36 inches long including the 20-inch barrel. It’s therefore easy to handle for everyone, including the elderly and young shooters. People in both of these groups have made good use ways to make money with money of “squirrel guns” in necessary home defense encounters.

The break-open action allows the user to load 22 long rifle, or 22 winchester magnum, depending on model, in the top barrel, and a 410 gauge shotshell in the lower barrel. A lever allows the user to choose which barrel fires. Add a scope for longer-range action on small game or coyotes. There’s no magazine, so extra ammunition must be stowed or carried.

Frontier tactical is by far the youngest manufacturer on this ways to make money with money list. Based in florida, this veteran owned and operated business invented a new system ways to make money with money that brings multi-caliber ease to the AR sporting rifle platform. The AR platform is already highly customizable, but the war lock eliminates the time-consuming process of replacing complete upper receivers, or the removal/disassembly of the barrel requiring a shop and tools. With their $600 multi-caliber system 2-barrel kit, your AR15 can quickly switch calibers, to load and fire your choice of over 90 common ways to make money with money or not-so-common calibers: 17 remington, 17-223, 20 practical, 204 ruger, 223 remington, 25-45 sharps, 300 AAC blackout, 5.56mm NATO, 6.8, 6.8 SPC, 6.8mm remington SPC II, 6x45mm, and american 30 BHW. The war lock even allows adaptation of the AR to ways to make money with money pistol calibers, a way to save money on practice and perhaps make ways to make money with money your handgun ammunition double as rifle fodder.

Whether your choice is a model that’s been around for decades, or a newer platform that milks more mileage from your ways to make money with money existing gun or ammunition supply, multi-caliber capability can increase the usefulness and economy of your ways to make money with money trigger time. Options listed here are some, but not all, on the market today. More choices will likely crop up in the coming year.