5 Ways to create a members-only good ways to make money woocommerce store wpmayor

• create a page in wordpress as usual and password protect good ways to make money it. (you can find the password protection option for pages in good ways to make money the ‘publish’ section at the top right of the ‘add/edit page’ screen.) use the ‘product’ or ‘product category’ woocommerce shortcodes to insert the products for your members-only woocommerce store into the password protected page.

• some of the more advanced woocommerce-compatible wordpress themes (usually the ones on themeforest, which tend to have more features than themes from other good ways to make money sources) have built-in options for displaying products. You can create a password protected page as described in good ways to make money the previous point. Then use the theme to insert your members-only products or categories. If your theme has this feature then your products will good ways to make money probably be styled much more professionally than the default woocommerce good ways to make money shortcodes.

• you can also password protect individual woocommerce products using the good ways to make money same method as protecting pages and posts in wordpress. This is worth doing if you only have a small good ways to make money number of members-only products, or if you want to make each product available to good ways to make money different groups of members. It’s less user-friendly for larger membership online shops because your members will good ways to make money have to enter a password for every single product they good ways to make money view – even if each product has the same password.

The downside with this option is that it’s pretty basic and involves a lot of compromises and good ways to make money there are some security loopholes. For example woocommerce automatically creates a main ‘shop’ page listing all your products. Even if you aren’t directing people to this page, people will still be able to find it (e.G. By guessing the address). Your shop page will list your members-only products as well as your public products.

If you want to keep things simple then it fine good ways to make money for your members to share the same password for your good ways to make money protected shop page. You won’t have to worry about letting members sign up directly good ways to make money on the website. You don’t have to bother added them as individual users or good ways to make money helping them with lost password/login problems. This eases the administrative burden on you as the store good ways to make money owner. However if your members store needs a more secure and good ways to make money fully featured solution then you’ll need methods #2-5. #2 – woocommerce membership plugin

I would recommend either woocommerce memberships, or the free groups plugin with the groups for woocommerce good ways to make money add-on. Both of these paid plugins are by woothemes, the company behind woocommerce. This means that you benefit from guaranteed support and compatibility. (woothemes have published a useful comparison to help you decide good ways to make money which membership plugins best meets your needs.) how to use a membership plugin to create a private good ways to make money woocommerce shop

• the biggest downside membership plugins is that they’re significantly more complex to set up and maintain than good ways to make money the other 4 methods. Your wordpress developer will charge much more for this option good ways to make money and it’s probably not realistic for you to do yourself. This adds to your development costs, as well as ongoing website maintenance. Only use this method if you definitely need a membership good ways to make money system of this complexity.

• if your whole woocommerce store is members-only then you can also restrict your main shop page good ways to make money to members. This can cause problems if your store has a public good ways to make money and private areas, as members-only products will still appear on the main shop page. They’ll get an error if they click on the members good ways to make money products, but they will still see that they exist which isn’t professional. If this is a problem for your store, use methods #3, #4 or #5 described below.

This members-only plugin works by password protecting all areas of woocommerce, or restricting your store so that only logged in members good ways to make money can access it. The main shop page, products, categories, tags and other store content are hidden from public view. Members can use a shared password or log into their good ways to make money user account to unlock the hidden store.

As well as password protecting every part of woocommerce, the private shop plugin has extra features behind the scenes. It automatically hides woocommerce content from search engines, XML sitemaps and the on-site wordpress search. This means that only your members will know you have good ways to make money a hidden woocommerce store as it’s completely hidden from public view.

You can have password protected categories alongside public areas of good ways to make money your woocommerce store. This means that you don’t have to restrict your entire shop to members. You can either put all your products within protected categories, or have some public and some private members-only categories. How to use the password protected categories plugin

The only real downside of this method is that it’s not as secure or fully-featured as having individual user accounts for each member. Some members-only store owners love the simplicity of protecting their store good ways to make money with one or more simple passwords – making password protected categories is a great option. However, if you need the added security of individual user logins, then method 5 might be a better option for you. #5 – private woocommerce categories

Finally, you can create a members-only woocommerce store by creating private product categories that are good ways to make money only available to specific logged in users or user roles. This is another protection option in the woocommerce protected categories good ways to make money plugin featured in method #4. But instead of password protecting categories, you restrict them to individual users or entire roles.

User role protected woocommerce categories are only visible to logged good ways to make money in members with the correct privileges. Each member needs their own user account on your wordpress good ways to make money website. When the login, they will automatically be able to access the woocommerce members-only store. How to create a members-only store using woocommerce user and role protected categories

If you want to create a dedicated user role for good ways to make money your members, then you can easily do this with the free user good ways to make money role editor plugin. You can create a single user role for all your good ways to make money members, or if you have multiple membership levels then you can good ways to make money create additional roles. This is a good way to give different members access good ways to make money to different members-only products.

Once you’ve created a members role, go to products > categories. You’ll see a new ‘visibility’ option when you add or edit a category. Choose ‘protected’ and select one or more users or user roles that good ways to make money will have access to the members-only category. Leave any sub-categories set to ‘public’, and the plugin will automatically protect them too.