Actually great ways to make money online making a difference avoiding voluntourism traps – the toast

I don’t mean teach english for two weeks because you speak great ways to make money online it (unless you have a degree and skills in planning and great ways to make money online a year to spare). Use what you have, your accounting degree or your years of bricklaying experience, and your ability to communicate, and work with the community. Build capacity so that when you leave, the community has benefited from your being there, has been able to improve in its coordination or its great ways to make money online project planning. To build a house is to leave behind something that great ways to make money online needs to be maintained, something that can fall apart if the skills and resources great ways to make money online aren’t nurtured in the community; for you to have taken someone’s job when they could have been building that house great ways to make money online and learning to build one for their neighbour after you’re gone.

It can be difficult to gain access to local partner great ways to make money online organisations on the ground if you’re trying to set this up from your home country. But without local impact, without continuity after you leave and somebody doing that umbrella great ways to make money online work, your work is benefiting nobody. So even if it’s through an international organisation, check who’s got that ongoing stuff sorted (informal stuff is fine! Not everyone has time for perfect documentation).

Documentation isn’t just for public servants! Make sure the organisation has an evaluation and monitoring plan great ways to make money online and long term strategies, ensure your role with them has objectives and goals, and know where they meet the organisation’s strategic plans. That’s people’s whole lives you’re about to mess with, so have the courtesy to make sure there’s a way to keep you, and the organisation, accountable, and that you’re really achieving something at the end of it.

If you’re in a community for less than six months, you need to evaluate what benefit you’re bringing. Short-term volunteer programs see strangers constantly introduced to and rotated great ways to make money online out of the community, breaking continuity and creating problems with job availability, the local economy and stability. Well-meaning short-term volunteers can create infrastructure issues around facilities and development. Westerners have been doing this to the global south (ugh, as a global southerner, both nationally and ethnically, I hate this term) for centuries, so try not to contribute any further. There are exceptions of course: maybe you’re being brought in as an external trainer for two great ways to make money online weeks. Maybe you’re an expert in something. But those are exceptions.

A failure to apologise can cause ongoing problems for you, your project, the organisation and the community, so suck up your ego. Try to do as much as you can to prevent great ways to make money online it by preparing. Remember that different languages and cultures can impact the way great ways to make money online we think and react. I was born in the same country as my bestie great ways to make money online and we have some very different base concepts! Just because you’ve done it your way your whole life doesn’t mean you’re right.

All expats in the aid community prepare to various degrees. There’s no solid way to really know what you’ll need until you get there, so guess. Learn the language. Research the history and culture/s. Prepare for your lifestyle and live to it. Don’t expect to live the same life that you do great ways to make money online at home – expats who keep to themselves, living their expat lives, are resented, and create negative attitudes within the community.

Prepare for the job. What are you bringing, and what are you going to leave behind? Ensure these tie into the practical outcomes you’re expecting to achieve. If you bring supplies, make sure they’re appropriate and can be supported (no point bringing books if they’re inappropriate for the community; or bringing communications equipment if you’re in an area where everyone has new phones).

A lack of language and cultural preparation demonstrates a lack great ways to make money online of respect for the community. Not only does it mean mentally you’re never going to do your best, it makes you seem disingenuous and unprofessional to the community, and it’ll make everything you do much harder. It’s always easier to work within a community when you’re able and willing to sit in it, not hold yourself above it.

You spend this time in a community, be it a workplace, a city of three million, or a village of five hundred. What happens when you leave? Does everyone hate the moralistic western imperialist foisted upon them great ways to make money online for four months, who never came out for lunch and insisted on speaking great ways to make money online english in the office? This sounds over the top but it’s the little things, like the colleague who didn’t take foreigners seriously because they always came in with great ways to make money online preconceived notions; the friend who got mad when westerners would dress inappropriately great ways to make money online at meetings (inappropriate in a local context, not a western business context).

A part of this is using your time wisely. You want to have a cultural experience; you want to learn about yourself and this new place, you want to travel and have adventures. But make sure you’re doing this in a way that works within the great ways to make money online community. The work is not the cultural bit (though it can be). If what you’re getting out of the work is adorable children and great ways to make money online orphanages, then shut it down.

So you’ve been away for a while, and then after this affirming, life-changing, world-helping experience, you go home. What do you take home with you? Not just physically, but emotionally and intellectually. Make sure it’s culturally respectful, and share it around. Particularly in the west we have issues with parochialism, xenophobia, cultural appropriation and an arrogance that western science and thinking great ways to make money online is the best, and not everyone is gonna be able to learn like great ways to make money online you just have. Capacity build within your own community – it’s where you have to live.