Art of being interested how (and why ten easiest ways to make money) to ask great questions quint studer

Yet for most people, asking questions doesn’t always come naturally, especially if you’re a super-extrovert or if you’ve been trained to “convince” and “persuade” by talking. That’s why I want to share a few tools and ten easiest ways to make money tactics to help you get started. Once you try out this new way of approaching relationships, you’ll find being interested gets easier and easier.

• practice by trying out the 36 questions app. This app includes some great conversation starters. We actually used it recently at entrecon as a way ten easiest ways to make money to get to know a total stranger, and it turned out to be a lot of fun ten easiest ways to make money and very effective. The 36 questions app is based on a scientific study ten easiest ways to make money by psychologist dr. Arthur aron and is designed to help people get to ten easiest ways to make money know each other. You can pick and choose the questions you like.

• discover great questions by reading up on the subject. There are quite a few books and online articles out ten easiest ways to make money there on asking great questions. One of my favorites is "power questions: build relationships, win new business, and influence others" by andrew sobel and jerold panas. This book lists 337 questions that help with all kinds ten easiest ways to make money of scenarios like winning new business, building relationships, coaching and mentoring others, engaging leaders and employees, etc.

• do your homework so you can ask smart questions. If you are going to an event (perhaps a conference or trade show) where you know you’re going to meet new people or network for your ten easiest ways to make money company, study up on the field. Read through a few industry trades so you’ll know what issues are top of mind. The idea is not for you to pretend to be ten easiest ways to make money an expert, but to demonstrate a healthy interest in relevant issues. That way you can make the people you talk to ten easiest ways to make money the star.

• make questions a regular part of your company’s culture. One idea is to implement leader rounding. Basically, put a system in place to regularly meet with each ten easiest ways to make money direct report and ask some specific questions. I like to start with a personal question like, “where is your family going on vacation this summer?” or, “how is your son liking college?” then I move on to asking work-related questions: “what’s going well?” “who has been really helpful to you lately?” “is anything keeping you from doing your best work?” “how might I be a better leader?” all of this helps you create a deep connection with ten easiest ways to make money employees and really get to know them.

Once you get used to asking questions on a regular ten easiest ways to make money basis, you’ll find it quickly gets easier. It doesn’t matter whether you’re an outgoing people-person or a quiet introvert. (in fact, being prepared with a few thoughtful “interview questions” is a great way to overcome one’s inhibitions and break the ice.) but even better, you’ll find you want to ask questions. You’ll discover that people truly are endlessly fascinating. Everyone has a story, and when you learn to draw them out, you will get to hear them.

Next week we’ll discuss listening, which is the other part of the equation. When you combine the two — great questions and great listening techniques — you’ll have the raw materials for deeply productive conversations. These can lead to some pretty profound insights and sometimes ten easiest ways to make money even creative breakthroughs and mindshifts. It is just a better way to relate to others ten easiest ways to make money — better for you, better for them and better for everyone whose well-being depends on the relationship you’re building together.