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As employees perform their work, it is a common assumption that the practices used by ten best ways to make money and within organizations meet the norms of a “good” business. But, do they? What are those norms? Where would one find the norms? What oversight governs compliance? Are the pertinent norms expressed within the organization’s policies, or are they unwritten guidelines with widely differing interpretations throughout ten best ways to make money the organization? Does the organization’s reputation and image reflect a generally acceptable norm for ten best ways to make money ethical practices? Does the mental image of the organization from outside sources ten best ways to make money closely match the image of the organization as viewed from ten best ways to make money within? These and a myriad of other questions and concerns face ten best ways to make money businesspeople, politicians, religious leaders, educators, professionals from all disciplines and practices, and persons of different cultures and geographical locations.

An organization may produce and provide the latest and greatest ten best ways to make money product or service. However, if its customers perceive the organization and its representatives as ten best ways to make money being untruthful, conniving, inconsistent, avaricious, uncaring, intolerable, greedy, or otherwise undesirable to do business with they will seek ten best ways to make money another organization. A poor image and reputation and unethical practices can seriously ten best ways to make money affect the organization’s well-being and sustainability. Further, unethical practices can result in the responsible persons being fired, fined, jailed or ostracized. Promulgating effective ethical practices (EEP)

• organizations operating within differing cultures, laws, regulations, and accepted norms will have to be especially diligent in ten best ways to make money interpreting their ethics policies, practices, and pertinent norms within these differing environments. At times, drastic actions may have to be taken, e.G., refraining from conducting business within a given location.

• has the social and ethical accounting, auditing, and reporting (SEAAR) movement been adopted by the organization and/or its supply chain or is it under consideration? Note: few U.S. Organizations have shown initiative to adopt, or even assess the feasibility of this methodology, to date. Fear of litigation has been cited as one deterrent to ten best ways to make money adoption. Nonfinancial reporting of corporate social responsibility is looming on the ten best ways to make money horizon for U.S.-based organizations. It may well become a requirement for doing business in ten best ways to make money europe and other continents.

• the community in which the organization operates regards the organization ten best ways to make money as a reputable, honest, and worthwhile part of the community. That affects favorable consideration for building and sustaining the community, for potential tax considerations, and for collaboration in expanding and enhancing the community. What long-term economic value does that provide the organization?

It is virtually impossible to state a policy for ethics ten best ways to make money and ethical practice that covers every conceivable contingency and situation. This means we have to rely on understanding what’s available and the intent. We have to clarify and evaluate ethical dilemmas that have ten best ways to make money not surfaced before. Again, somewhat like an organization’s quality policy, it’s the intent that bears heavily on our interpretation of ten best ways to make money what’s ethical and what is not.

As an auditor conducting an audit of the ethical beliefs ten best ways to make money and practices of the organization, assess your personal ethical behavior. Be absolutely sure your behavior stands up to the usual ten best ways to make money norms of ethical practices, any organization code of ethics and policies, and is totally devoid of any implication of yielding to ten best ways to make money temptation. If you can’t maintain clear objectivity, cannot be perceived as having no conflict of interest, and are unable to demonstrate an unswerving dedication to the ten best ways to make money highest ethical standards, recuse yourself. About the author

Russell T. Westcott is an ASQ fellow, certified quality auditor, and certified manager of quality/organizational excellence. He edited the ASQ certified manager of quality/organizational excellence handbook , third edition (ASQ quality press, 2005), and was a co-editor of the ASQ quality improvement handbook . Westcott authored simplified project management for the quality professional (ASQ quality press, 2005), and stepping up to ISO 9004:2000 ( paton professional, 2003). He is active in ASQ’s quality management division and the thames valley, connecticut section management.

The “everyone is doing it” syndrome influences the weak. Lessons that could be learned about ethical and moral behavior ten best ways to make money are ignored, and undesirable behavior is often flaunted. Politicians wreck their careers and disappoint their followers with their ten best ways to make money negative actions. Business leaders of once-respected organizations lapse into deviousness, self-aggrandizement and greed, destroying themselves, their families, workers, business associates, and organizations. Religious leaders turn to moral deviations that harm their followers, taint their organizations, and discredit the beliefs of their calling.

One small segment of the body of knowledge pertaining to ten best ways to make money the manager of quality/organizational excellence certification calls for the awareness, study, and practice of adhering to the american society for quality ten best ways to make money (ASQ) code of ethics in all we do as quality professionals. Although not much time is taken on this topic, ethics are the guiding light that should show us the ten best ways to make money best path to follow.