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Seriously, if that’s all a retailer offers – ‘price’ – then that’s a retailer that will go bust sooner than everyone ten best ways to make money else. And its a retailer who is eroding the value of ten best ways to make money the product’s they sell, essentially destroying the brands they represent. Wow ! – what OEM would want that ? But some are so desperate, they get ‘lured’ in as well, by the same con man who lures you into his ten best ways to make money store or to call you. Frankly, you deserve much better, and the reasons for it are as follows:

• price is really the last thing to consider, because if you end up with an uncomfortable ebike, or an unreliable ebike, or one where the retailer doesn’t have any time for you after the sale, or makes all sorts of excuses, the ‘price’ you paid up front, has nothing to do with the COSTS you’ll pay in the long run. Often those two are contrary to each other – the bigger the discount you got up front, the more it costs you in the long run. It’s been proven throughout history, yet people often fall ‘prey’ for the short term perceived ‘gain’ more often than they should.

• budget is different than ‘price’, we understand that, and so we are not going to persuade you to ten best ways to make money go above your budget. E-bikes are not cheap, but there are price points where you simply won’t get a very reliable, or low cost ebike in the long run that you ten best ways to make money need to consider. Perhaps its better to save up a bit more, or even consider financing, than to go out and buy that $600 ebike on-line, that’s a ‘great deal’, or that "50% off" ebike, that ends up being an old model that has sat ten best ways to make money for 2 years that the battery fails 1 year after ten best ways to make money you bought it, rather than providing many years of reliable service. When you consider your budget, factor in how you will use the ebike, how often, all the benefits of health and exercise, and whether it might replace (at least partially) other more costly health memberships, or transportation options, or other recreational pursuits that may be more costly, but less fun or or offer less utility than an ten best ways to make money ebike.

• big discounting on many retail products, often means they are moving slowly, and that could be for a variety of reasons, not the least of which it could just be a ten best ways to make money poorly designed product. Or it could mean the brand has it priced way ten best ways to make money too high to begin with, and attempting to demand a premium, when none is justified. If a retailer doesn’t disclose their prices on their web-site that is a BIG RED FLAG. Here is why: a) first and foremost, reputable ebike OEM’s have pricing policies, because they don’t want their brands eroded by pure discounters, and not disclosing prices up front is just as unethical ten best ways to make money as showing a discount that’s below the brand’s MAP (minimum advertised pricing). In fact, there are federal laws against not disclosing prices publicly or ten best ways to make money transparently, but we wont get into that detail here, because its done in the health industry, and they too have been violating those laws (USC 15) for years. B) but the less obvious reason for the RED FLAG though, is if a retailer is being that deceptive to his ten best ways to make money own ebike OEM that he is supposed to represent in ten best ways to make money lawful and reputable ways, and also play games with the public on pricing, or not showing it on their website upfront, to force them to make a phone call, then clearly that is a dealer that has no mis-givings about stiffing the consumer of his products in numerous ten best ways to make money other ways. That retailer needs to make money somehow, unless they are a rich millionaire, who doesn’t desire to get richer. So its always buyer beware, but you likely find more often than not, its way worse in the long run, when from your very first encounter such as a retailer’s web-site, there is not even a disclosure of the price. (the list of bankrupted appliance stores and retail stores is ten best ways to make money long and wide – and many from that world keep doing the same old ten best ways to make money things despite the failures.)

• other gimmicks can include an over-emphasis on financing. Furniture and appliance retailers are notorious for this, and push it rather hard once someone gets in their ten best ways to make money store, with signs everywhere or even the sales reps mentioning it ten best ways to make money often, and loudly. They want you to BUY MORE than you can likely ten best ways to make money afford, and the ‘low montly’ payment, is a way to trick your mind into believing you ten best ways to make money can afford more. We don’t ever go there, as we believe its unethical. While we do offer financing, its available if people ask. As a rule, you will never hear anyone at mike’s E-bikes mention financing without it being asked for first by ten best ways to make money the customer. And you won’t see it plastered all over our web-site. Some ebike retailers are former appliance store hustlers. You’ll know them when you meet or talk to them, as there is no price that can’t be beat, no great deal that can’t be made. If you want to be bludgeoned by that, both during the buying process, or with poor after the sale support, then by all means seek them out. We don’t play that game, and we intentionally avoid the entire ‘price matching’ gimmick. If we can’t earn your business through mutual respect, top notch product expertise, genuine care about meeting your needs, and helping you find the right fit and great quality ten best ways to make money product, then certainly you deserve to choose your ebike elsewhere. We promise not to waste your time with these gimmicks, and only ask for a shot at your business. We will try to make it very easy for you ten best ways to make money to compare, offering test rides, answering questions, providing experienced guidance, great courteous service, and again earning your trust.

E-bikes are great fun, yet we do realize the buying process in this industry, can be very challenging if not intimidating, since there are so many choices, and the technology is still new to so many. So our goal is to make that process much simpler, help you cut through the ‘noise’, and not distract you with all the gimmicks or sales ten best ways to make money tactics. We’ll explain the terminology used, and put everything in understandable language that will make it ten best ways to make money so much easier, and you’ll feel much more confident that you are making an ten best ways to make money informed decision here at mike’s E-bikes. That we will guarantee ! Make an appointment or stop in during our open hours, and feel confident that you will be treated respectfully, given full attention, and are speaking with one of the industry’s most knowledgeable ebike experts. Thanks for reading, and hope to see you soon ! Mike owner mike’s E-bikes