Boycott stores – currently selling trump ways to make money in grab your wallet

Let me say that I am an independent and voted ways to make money in for hillary. I am not a trump supporter in the least. He didn’t win the popular vote, but he did become president. I despised his disgusting remarks about women. He’s a terrible public speaker who comes across as the ways to make money in brash american who brags about how much money he has. Do I like him as a person? Not in the least.

BUT he’s our president and I’m willing to give him a chance. I said exactly the same thing the day barack obama ways to make money in (who I also voted for) was sworn in as president. Doesn’t each incoming president deserve that, an open mind? I also educated myself over the last year by reading ways to make money in both conservative and liberal news sources. I looked for actual facts and numbers instead of believing ways to make money in the spin from both sides. And I think when you see what trump is trying ways to make money in to accomplish instead of who he is as a person, it makes it clearer. We elected him to be our president, not our friend.

We need our military to protect us here and abroad ways to make money in in this post 9/11 world. Law enforcement deserves respect for the job they do every ways to make money in day (not all being labeled racist thugs). We need less regulations to start a business (I know because I’ve tried). No other countries allow illegal immigrants to live there undocumented, receiving benefits and housing for their children, so why should we allow that? If abortion was legal under scalia, that shouldn’t change under trump’s pick of gorsuch. What about the americans whose jobs were lost when the ways to make money in factory closed to go overseas, don’t we owe it to them to get work and ways to make money in their dignity back? These are the foundations of what trump is about and ways to make money in I support these ideals.

The rhetoric, marches, boycotts and division really aren’t helping anyone. Libitards and trumpsters? Come on people, we’re better than that. All conservatives are not racists and all democrats are not ways to make money in communists. When you march for women, educate yourself about the lives of women in the middle ways to make money in east and in africa. Consider what bill clinton actually did with monica lewinsky while ways to make money in in office compared to what trump said on the hot ways to make money in mic or called hillary during the debates. Look deeper into foreign countries’ financial contributions to the clinton foundation while hillary was secretary ways to make money in of state. In other words, get some perspective, please.

So boycott trump products if you like. But don’t make it a litmus test of whether someone is ways to make money in a great or a horrible person. Will you call out a friend wearing ivanka’s shoes, when she got them on sale and they’re her favorites? Does that make your friend despicable? And why are we tearing down other women? If any designer had refused to design a dress for ways to make money in michelle obama the way many did for melania, they would have been crucified rather than celebrated. What has melania done that’s so abhorrent or ivanka for that matter?

Trump is wired to be a mega dealer in the ways to make money in business world. He doesn’t have the president gene. Try as he might to run the country like a ways to make money in business, he should be discovering quickly that these are two different ways to make money in worlds, powered by different values. You might be able to act out the role of ways to make money in authoritarian father figure as a CEO of a corporation and ways to make money in be as narcissistic, erratic, game-playing, deceptive, self-interested, vengeful, disrespectful of women/ minorities/ codes of behavior and common decency as you think your ways to make money in employees, customers and shareholders will let you get away with being. If you don’t give a damn about conflicts of interest, you can probably get away with that too as a ways to make money in corporate mogul. (and just to be clear I’m not saying that being a corporate mogul makes a ways to make money in person dishonest. Not at all.) but in government, the first and most fundamental thing to understand as president ways to make money in is that you are the employee of the people and ways to make money in are in office only by their continued consent. And personal characteristics such as mentioned above will not wear ways to make money in well. Even from great distances the people can tell if their ways to make money in president is thumbing his nose at them– at their rights and civil liberties — and that is what’s happening. And he shouldn’t expect that the people will just put up and ways to make money in shut up. Business is trump’s language. To get a message through to him, boycotting his products seems like a logical choice of terms ways to make money in to communicate with.