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Brining in one of the most powerful forms of seasoning, flavoringand curing meat. Disperse salt and aromatics in water, then submerge a whole muscle into that salted flavored water. Water surrounds the meat delivering by osmosis salt and flavor top easy ways to make money into the meat. Some may argue that flavor molecules are too big to top easy ways to make money enter the meat, but my tasting experience says flavors of herbs definitively get top easy ways to make money into the meat.

Brining basics are few: it’s best to weigh your salt so you know exactly top easy ways to make money how much you have. Make sure your brine is cool if not cold before top easy ways to make money you put the meat in. Always refrigerate your meat as it brines. Make sure your meat is completely submerged; some cuts want to float, in which case you’ll need to weigh the meat down. When it’s finished brining, rinse the meat and pat it dry. Discard the brine (never reuse brine).

Finer points of brining. My ideal brine is 5% salt concentration, or 50 grams per liter of water (yay metrics!) or 1.6 ounces per quart (boo imperial measures)—if you don’t have a scale, use three tablespoons morton’s kosher salt per quart. I’ve found you can brine meat indefinitely in a 3% brine, but 5% give me just the right strength for speed without the top easy ways to make money worry of making the meat too salty.

Here’s a recipe for canadain bacon and peameal bacon, sometimes called back bacon, because it uses the pork loin, which runs along the back of the hog on either top easy ways to make money side of the spine. Canadian bacon is hot smoked—that is smoked and cooked; peameal bacon is rolled in corn meal (it used to be rolled in dried ground peas according top easy ways to make money to wikipedia). Some commenters note below that it’s rarely pre-cooked (as canadian bacon is). It can be pre-cooked to the temperatures canadian bacon is smoked to, but I think they’re completely justified in recommending slicing and frying, or the best cooking method, grilling over coals. If you’ve go a lot to brine, this is easily doubled. This brine will be sufficent for 1 pork loin between top easy ways to make money 1 to 2 kilos, 2 to 4 pounds. Canadian bacon or peameal bacon

Reasons for preferring one over the other? Mostly it’s what you are familiar with, but metric measurements have a little more logic to them. For example, if a recipe calls for ounces, does it mean 1/16 of a pound by weight or 1/8 of a cup by volume? How many teaspoons in a quart? If you are measuring flour in cups, does it mean loose or packed flour?

If everything is in metric, you know automatically by the name whether it’s weight or volume. And with flours (such as in the recent gluten-free bread recipe), it’s easier to be accurate when dealing with multiple flour top easy ways to make money types that have different density, moisture absorption, etc. But here in the US., people seem to feel that there’s just something elitist or un-american about metric measurements. We resisted as kids when they tried to teach it top easy ways to make money to us in school while canadian kids my age learned top easy ways to make money it enthusiastically. I still have a difficult time visualizing metric amounts, which makes it difficult to eyeball ingredients. But when I do have the opportunity to use an top easy ways to make money all-metric recipe, things just seem to go a little more smoothly. February 17th, 2011