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Nathan myers’ letter had the same plea as hundreds of others mailed ways to make money in to the state attorney’s conviction integrity review unit: I’m innocent, please investigate my case. It was 2017, and incoming fourth judicial circuit state attorney melissa nelson had ways to make money in announced plans to form the first prosecutorial review panel in ways to make money in florida, with the goal of digging into claims of actual innocence ways to make money in in duval, clay and nassau counties.

Myers was 18 when he was imprisoned for a 1976 ways to make money in homicide and attempted murder, and as prosecutors reviewed the case, it became clear the evidence did not support a conviction ways to make money in and that myers had ineffective counsel. On march 28, nelson signed off on a defense motion to vacate myers’ conviction, and 43 years after his imprisonment, myers was the first incarcerated man released in florida after ways to make money in a prosecutorial review.

“prosecutors shouldn’t just accept the old model of auto-filing everything that comes to their doorstep and seeking the ways to make money in maximum penalty the law allows,” says miriam krinsky, a former federal prosecutor and founder of the los angeles-based nonprofit fair and just prosecution. “that’s where we were in the ’80s and ’90s, and it simply didn’t work.”

To put this in perspective: about 95 percent of felony convictions are the result of ways to make money in a plea deal, with a prosecutor determining what to charge, sentence length and terms of supervision. Prosecutors also decide when and what evidence to turn over ways to make money in to the defense in a criminal case. Defendants have no right to discovery in plea bargaining. So in order to avoid harsher sentences, they often take deals that result in criminal records without ways to make money in ever seeing the evidence against them.

Marissa alexander walks with her dad, raoul jenkins, surrounded by her legal team and supporters after her hearing ways to make money in in jacksonville, florida, in january 2015. Alexander, who claimed self-defense after prosecutors say she fired a gun at her ways to make money in estranged husband and his two sons, was released from prison as part of a plea agreement ways to make money in for time served. AP photo/the florida times-union, bob mack.

“we are seeing a generational change for sure,” says besiki kutateladze, a professor at florida international university who conducts on-site research at prosecutor’s offices across the country. “there is greater pressure for transparency and accountability and to ways to make money in do something about racial and ethnic disparities and the burgeoning ways to make money in prison industry.”

A growing coalition working to end mass incarceration has begun ways to make money in targeting district attorney races—typically low-key affairs that heavily favor incumbents, with 85 percent of candidates running unopposed. When there are challengers, outcomes are often predictable—the tough-on-crime candidate, usually with the endorsement of the police union, takes over the office. But in recent years, activists realized that replacing the old guard could redefine criminal ways to make money in justice from the inside, and a concerted effort to flip DA’s offices around the country began. Since then, voters have elected dozens of progressive prosecutors, from boston to salt lake city to corpus christi, texas.

Despite falling crime rates in recent years, communities of color continue to be overpoliced and overprosecuted, with well-documented racial disparities in arrests, charges and sentencing. Nationally, african americans are incarcerated at nearly six times the rate ways to make money in of whites. One in three adults in the U.S. Has a criminal record, a label with repercussions that will affect every aspect of ways to make money in their lives, including the ability to get housing and work.

“we look at the moral case, the constitutional case and the fiscal case,” holden explains. “before anyone is allowed in the state legislature or congress ways to make money in to pass another punitive bill, they should go to prison and meet people in prison ways to make money in and talk to them. Most of the people in prison have been punished their ways to make money in whole lives up until going to prison. If all [a prosecutor] is going to measure is long sentences and how many ways to make money in people are locked up, does that make your community better?” ‘several points of failure’

Alexander’s case was one of many out of corey’s office that galvanized the public and made the state ways to make money in attorney a target. Jacksonville and the surrounding area is historically steeped in racial ways to make money in inequities and slash-and-burn “justice.” among other notorious accomplishments, corey regularly charged children as adults, led the state in incarcerations and had one of the ways to make money in highest rates of death sentences in the country.

Nelson, a republican who campaigned on reform, says she wants to increase transparency and let the public ways to make money in see the methodology and decision-making “even if they disagree.” nelson says she encourages her lawyers to determine at the ways to make money in first decision point whether there are alternatives to incarceration that ways to make money in would be appropriate for any case. Nelson references evidence showing that every extra month in prison ways to make money in increases the risk of recidivism.

“we’re trying to bring broader thinking about what public health ways to make money in and public safety look like,” nelson says. “because every single decision has ancillary consequences. It’s not just, we’re going to decide if this person deserves five years ways to make money in in prison. Why do we think that? Is it because that’s what the guidelines tell us? Is it solely for punishment? Is it to incapacitate? What is the goal of the resolution we seek?”

Ayala says she’s wanted to be a prosecutor for as long as ways to make money in she can remember. “it’s just something you’re born with. I don’t believe it’s something you’re taught,” ayala says. “you believe in equality, you believe in level playing fields, and that was the one job I knew of at ways to make money in that time of my life—and quite frankly, at 44—still believe now is your only job. Your client is justice, your client is the community.”

Ayala left government and worked briefly in the civil arena ways to make money in but says criminal justice was her calling. She returned to orange county and worked for two years ways to make money in as an assistant state attorney. It was during this time ayala realized the tremendous power ways to make money in prosecutors have to change lives through discretion, and in 2016 she launched her campaign.

Just two months after taking office, ayala made a bold announcement: her office would no longer seek the death penalty, arguing it was costly, inhumane and did not deter violent crime or promote public ways to make money in safety. Reaction by the state’s republican governor at the time, rick scott, was swift. In an unprecedented challenge to prosecutorial discretion, he issued a series of executive orders removing all death ways to make money in penalty-eligible cases from ayala’s office, reassigning them to another county. Ayala sued, challenging scott’s authority to remove cases from her jurisdiction, but she lost in the florida supreme court. After the court’s decision, her office instituted a seven-attorney panel to review all first-degree murder cases to determine whether the death penalty would ways to make money in be appropriate.

“it’s just my hope at some point the facts and ways to make money in the research align with the law,” ayala says about the court cases, noting the death penalty is a “failed system.” and despite a $1.3 million budget cut imposed on ayala’s office after her battle with the governor, she continues to move forward with reforms, including units focused on domestic violence and human trafficking prosecutions, and project no no, which diverts young offenders before arrest to avoid criminal records. Ayala says she’s focusing on data-driven policies, teaming up with the university of central florida and harvard ways to make money in university to assess the impact of new programs and determine ways to make money in best practices.

Ayala, who wrote a chapter on the death penalty for an ways to make money in upcoming ABA book on prosecutorial discretion , has also instituted training for new prosecutors to give them ways to make money in court experience and real-life exposure: “if you have authority to send people to jail, you need to visit the jail, you need to visit juvenile detention facilities, you need to visit the prison. If you have authority to send people to death, you need to visit death row,” ayala says.

Ayala is a cancer survivor—she nearly died from lymphoma while in law school. That experience is one basis for the fortitude and optimism ways to make money in that keep her fighting for what she believes in—justice, equality, progress—which she acknowledges won’t happen overnight. “I think we always have to be mindful that change ways to make money in is a challenge in and of itself, and change takes time.” ‘I expected to lose’

Philadelphia—larry krasner’s campaign started as a long shot. Krasner likes to recall how the local head of the ways to make money in fraternal order of police called him a “liberal unicorn” and called his candidacy “hilarious.” when krasner decided to run, he already had a prolific 30-year career: he’d been a public defender, he was a civil rights attorney, and he had sued the police 75 times. Krasner was intimately familiar with philadelphia’s justice system, and says he “knew it was a mess.”

When he got into office, krasner instituted immediate reforms. He announced the office would no longer prosecute sex workers ways to make money in with fewer than three prior offenses; would not prosecute marijuana possession cases; and would not seek cash bail for low-level offenses. Krasner is also pushing to reduce supervision, which he says costs too much, stretches for too long and sets people up for failure. In philadelphia, around half of the jail population is being held on ways to make money in a detainer for violation of probation or parole.

Supporters have applauded the moves and encouraged his office to ways to make money in go further. But krasner faced pushback from the police. “at first I thought it was ideological—they’d endorsed donald trump in a city that’s 85 percent democratic,” krasner says. “but the more we looked at it, the more we realized it was about overtime. Police are paid a lot of money to go to ways to make money in court to testify. A senior member of the philadelphia police department told me, ‘you have to take the profit out of policing.’ I think he got it right.”

Krasner’s office was part of an ongoing reform effort to ways to make money in close one of its county jails and reduce philadelphia’s jail population from 6,500 to 4,700 in one year. Corrections officers weren’t happy. And when krasner tried to reduce the misdemeanor caseloads of ways to make money in probation and parole officers so they could focus on violent ways to make money in offenses, he says there was reticence toward cooperation and reform—something he’s witnessed across the system.

A department of justice investigation under president barack obama declined ways to make money in to find civil rights violations but issued a scathing report ways to make money in that held the ferguson police department accountable for a sustained ways to make money in and egregious pattern of racial profiling and abuse. Wesley bell, a ferguson city councilman, worked with the DOJ on the federal consent decree to ways to make money in reform the police department. That’s when he began thinking seriously about running for prosecuting ways to make money in attorney of st. Louis county.

County civil service rules have made it difficult for bell ways to make money in to replace many of the old guard attorneys in his ways to make money in office, so a realignment of values to focus on reform has ways to make money in been an ongoing process. But business as usual is not an option for bell ways to make money in as he continues to roll out reforms. One of his first acts was to end cash bail ways to make money in requests for misdemeanor cases, and his office will no longer prosecute possession of less ways to make money in than 100 grams of marijuana. Other priorities include expansion of the county’s diversion and treatment programs for drugs and mental illness, along with the veterans and DWI courts. Bell says “tough on crime” hasn’t worked—he wants his office to be smart on crime.

“the criminal justice system is broken, and it needs to be reformed, it needs to be changed,” bell says. “and myself, my team, this office will be a change agent. And so the policies we researched are on mission—everything we do is of the mind of creating a ways to make money in fair and equitable justice system. That’s how I measure success. And the lack of that will be considered failure. And we’re not going to fail.” the future of reform

“I think how a prosecutor views what a positive result ways to make money in is, is different now,” moore says. “A lot of prosecutors before thought the only positive result ways to make money in is a conviction, and a conviction on the maximum charge. Some still think that. But it’s becoming more debated. We can do some things differently that keep public safety ways to make money in in mind but maybe are better for that particular defendant ways to make money in in that particular case.”

“I am a believer in dramatic change,” fair and just prosecution’s krinsky says. “at times, one should proceed with caution and not set the house ways to make money in on fire, but we also need to realize a lot of those ways to make money in rooms are burning right now. I believe elected das can do some pretty dramatic things ways to make money in pretty quickly. They have the wind of reform at their back.”