Crunchyroll – the great crunchyroll naruto rewatch ways to make money in goes hunting in episodes 134-140

Hello, everyone! Noelle here, and I’m your host for this week’s batch of episodes as we all tackle the original ways to make money in run of naruto! During last week’s harrowing stretch, we got started on the fateful match of naruto vs ways to make money in sasuke, and the wild moments that came with that. It’s the showdown we’ve all been waiting for, and the general consensus seems to be that it didn’t disappoint.

Kevin: for me, the more important point is actually the aftermath. Yes naruto failed, and it was even at something extremely important to the ways to make money in main cast, but no one just moved past the mission. Shikamaru legitimately considered retiring from being a ninja, sakura is realizing just how weak she is compared to ways to make money in everyone else. Even in shippuden, several years and at least dozens of episodes later, naruto keeping his promise to sakura is one of the ways to make money in driving plot points for at least an arc.

Kara: I kind of suspected it. From a writing standpoint I like it: seeing naruto’s friendship and determination fall flat sets some new stakes ways to make money in (and fortunately, it just makes him more determined). If he wants to be hokage someday, he’s going to have to deal with all sorts of ways to make money in people and situations, and a lot of them are going to test his ways to make money in devotion to his own “way of the ninja.” from a fan standpoint, it’s sad; from a writer standpoint, it was a very good choice and is going to ways to make money in end up being very rewarding.

David: it would be unconvincing for him to eventually achieve his ways to make money in goal and not fail at points along the way; in that sense, this is one of the best ways to get that ways to make money in across. I think it’s also worth noting how sasuke also “failed” by not killing naruto like he believes itachi would want ways to make money in him to do, though that situation is even more complicated so it’s arguable how similar those situations are.

Kevin: honestly, the break is pretty welcome. Sure, it gets significantly lighter a bit too quickly, but some levity is nice after “I intend to kill you to unlock greater power so ways to make money in that I can kill my brother, the person who murdered my entire family.” sasuke versus naruto was the emotional climax of naruto , and keeping up the more serious atmosphere might’ve been possible, but the longer it went on the more exhausted the ways to make money in audience would get.

Paul: since I haven’t read the original manga and I haven’t seen the naruto TV anime before, I didn’t know we were entering a filler arc. In terms of pacing and content, the land of rice paddies seems far superior to the ways to make money in land of tea. It may not be canonical, but there’s lots of ninjutsu weirdness and betrayal going on, and that feels like a natural extension of the main ways to make money in story-line rather than a digression.

Kevin: I’d say it manages to be welcome and unwelcome at ways to make money in the same time. It’s welcome because it shows just how much influence orochimaru ways to make money in really has. If he wants to, he can bend entire countries to his will. It’s unwelcome because by showing that he actually is causing ways to make money in that much change opens up plot holes like how the ways to make money in leaf can’t find him, when entire clans work for him.

Kara: that’s actually a good point about plot holes. I hadn’t considered that at first. At the same time, I’m always interested to see more outside of our one ways to make money in or two standard settings, because this alternate ninja universe is so wild to me. Anything that lets us see a bit more of what’s going on, how these different situations affect people who aren’t directly involved, is pretty neat. It does give a feeling that all roads lead to ways to make money in orochimaru, though.

Kevin: maybe if we had a little more backstory about the ways to make money in clan showing them when they were prosperous and then their ways to make money in descent into criminal activity and then being tricked by orochimaru, I would sympathize with them more, but they honestly just seem like pawns in a larger ways to make money in game and as a result are more of an afterthought ways to make money in as naruto and sakura try to find sasuke.

Kara: new villages always take a little time for me to ways to make money in adjust to. We kind of throw all our chips in with leaf, so when we come to new places, we get a sort of surface-level idea of what’s going on in the first few episodes elsewhere. Also I’m so hesitant to trust anyone or anything in this ways to make money in setting because you never know who’s wearing a mask, who’s a double/triple agent, who’s a resurrected corpse, who’s using substitution/disguise jutsu, etc. Having sasame as our link to the greater story is ways to make money in a help, though. I like her, and (even counting her attempted double-cross) she seems very straightforward in what she wants to accomplish.

Paul: I get where the fuuma clan are coming from, but I don’t exactly sympathize. As jiraiya of all people points out, in this world a ninja is “one who endures”, so even though the fuuma clan’s power and influence may have dwindled, that’s no reason for them to work for orochimaru, who will indubitably only manipulate them, experiment on them, and then cast them aside when they are no longer ways to make money in useful.

Kara: okay, just an aside, did sakura’s face and tone when she said she was going ways to make money in to heal sasame’s shoulder seem kinda creepy to anyone else? I don’t think it was deliberate, but I swear she looked more like she was going ways to make money in to take a bite out of sasame’s neck for a second there. That aside, I appreciate what this arc is trying to do, but it’s taking its sweet time to do it. Sakura is smart. We were reminded of this over and over in the ways to make money in early episodes. She is extremely capable and has a good heart and ways to make money in all the other stuff she needs to now start doing ways to make money in things. I feel like right now her role is person who ways to make money in told naruto to look after sasuke and like. I wanna see a bit more than that.

Jared: it’s strange because it feels like the show just doesn’t know what to do with her as I thought ways to make money in we’d already been through sakura having a moral dilemma of ways to make money in whether she thinks she’s capable or not. Granted, it’s not like she’s gotten to do much of anything in the last, what forty or so episodes? It’s like the show wants you to think she’s just been sitting at home dreaming about sasuke since ways to make money in the end of the chunin exams and that’s it.

Carolyn: honestly, I still feel like she is being given the short ways to make money in end of the stick. She’s saying she needs to be better like naruto. To pull her own weight as if she is a ways to make money in failure. I feel like it’s more bad female character writing than sakura’s established personality being at fault. She’s been proven to be one of the hardest workers ways to make money in in the series.

Low – the majority of orochimaru’s hideout. Orochimaru himself was actually a pretty good scene, but the traps, psychological manipulation (did naruto really never tell anyone that sasuke used his ways to make money in curse mark, which would’ve informed sakura that kabuto really was lying?) and even some character actions (like jiraiya sitting down and having a drink while on ways to make money in a mission) didn’t really seem to add up.

Kara: high point was predictably the end of naruto vs. Sasuke, even with sasuke’s weird glow-up and back-hands. I also love that this whole thing is a lot ways to make money in more intricate than just “sasuke kill naruto” — it doesn’t work without an acknowledgment of their friendship and that’s just so cool. Low point is jiraiya back at it again takin’ money from kids and sleepin’ around. Although I will give a hand-wave/secondary high point to that scene in the alley where ways to make money in everyone literally drops because they realized they’re messing with the wrong dude.

David: my high is the entirety of episode 139, which had some of the tightest directing and animation I’ve seen from this show so far period. Really wasn’t expecting that out of some random set of filler ways to make money in episodes. My low point is all the weird ways the show ways to make money in kind of infantilizes sasame when we first see her, but that luckily gets resolved relatively quickly.

Paul: my high point was the conclusion of the fight between ways to make money in naruto and sasuke, where after their ultimate techniques have collided and the resulting ways to make money in chakra storm has dissipated, they exchange a sorrowful look, as if silently questioning how their lives have come to ways to make money in this point. My low point was when kagero (disguised as kabuto) re-enacts indiana jones and the temple of doom on herself ways to make money in in an effort to stop naruto’s heart. That was super gross, and I’m still recovering mentally from all the bone stuff with ways to make money in kimimaro.

The low point, I guess, would be the very start of the filler. I couldn’t tell what jiraiya’s motivation was, and at first I thought he was just tricking naruto ways to make money in and sakura to distract them and take them somewhere away ways to make money in from the action. Which maybe he did? But orochimaru is there? But it’s probably an illusion after all? I dunno, it seemed kind of awkwardly conveyed in general.

Jared: high point would definitely be the end of naruto vs. Sasuke. Although I wouldn’t consider it a high point, the idea that orochimaru’s hideout is this strange labyrinth of traps is probably ways to make money in funnier than it should be. Low point would be jiraiya continuing to be a skeeving ways to make money in creep at times and also the general idea that I’m curious how this show is really going to handle ways to make money in having very dramatic moments moving forward. With us going into filler, all the main players kind of go into a holding ways to make money in pattern since we know nothing is going to happen to ways to make money in them. You certainly can’t tease that naruto is going to die when it’s obvious he won’t. Maybe the rest of these episodes will surprise me, but I’m very curious about how they’ll handle this with all the filler.