Define it – what is programmatic ways to make money without money selling

"I think of programmatic selling (PS) as the combination of technology and processes that enable publishers ways to make money without money and marketers to drive revenue using real-time channels and machine-driven methods. While publishers earn RTB revenue from SSP’s and exchanges, I wouldn’t qualify those methods as PS. This all turns on the old principal-agent distinction: SSP’s and exchanges sell programmatically as the publisher’s agent, but for the publisher it’s an action-at-a-distance phenomenon. The current state of play is really programmatic outsourcing, not programmatic selling.

What’s are publishers’ prospects for PS as principals? For the 80-90% of the display inventory out there, who’s looking at the screen is far more valuable than ways to make money without money what’s on the screen. This, in combination with the reality that non-search digital media is still too expensive to transact, makes PS’s machine- and data-driven methods especially attractive."

"Programmatic selling removes artificial boundaries between ‘premium context’ and ‘remnant’ inventory. Instead of letting ads go unsold, they are enhanced with first and third party data to ways to make money without money create audience segments advertisers desire. Real time bidding enables publishers to respond to instantaneous market ways to make money without money demand. Through private marketplaces, another solution used in programmatic selling, publishers can engage in one-to-one sales with their best customers. Also, with programmatic selling, a publisher looks at the range of information on all ways to make money without money ads sold, and efficiently manages all direct and indirect sales channels to ways to make money without money maximize revenues. While programmatic was developed initially for agencies and advertisers, programmatic selling creates significant value and revenue growth for publishers. Putting a holistic programmatic sales strategy in place right now ways to make money without money is essential for every publisher."

"In the ad tech arms race, most of the fire power is in the hands of ways to make money without money the buy side so the emergence of programmatic selling technologies ways to make money without money would begin to give the publishers some new weapons to ways to make money without money address the imbalance. For me ‘programmatic’ simply means ‘making things easier via technology’, irrespective if this is on the buy or sell side. Most importantly, programmatic selling should not be seen as simply RTB. The buying, delivery and execution of a directly sold campaign is notoriously ways to make money without money inefficient so focus should be on solving this problem. Programmatic selling needs to move some of the margin from ways to make money without money intermediaries to the publishers. It should harness technology to save time, automate processes, removing complexities, and ensure the whole process runs more smoothly, while helping buyers and sellers deliver better performance.

"Programmatic selling is any time a publisher sells inventory without ways to make money without money directly communicating with the buyer. Selling via exchanges fits this definition. Buyers like programmatic, because they can efficiently get scale, and commoditization drives prices down. Publishers typically don’t like it, because programmatic robs them of their ability to differentiate, and introduces more middlemen to take margin. One of the most interesting areas of ad tech innovation ways to make money without money right now is in trying to capture the best of ways to make money without money both programmatic and direct, to preserve publisher differentiation, but still allow efficient audience buying."