Dinares gurus 2019 some ways to make money

We had some information that looked like we were going what are some ways to make money to go yesterday [wednesday] evening actually…The release of the toll-free number. I would also given another time in the night last what are some ways to make money night and that did not occur. We understand there are some specific release codes that were what are some ways to make money to be entered before the toll-free numbers are to be released. My understanding is that those release codes have been entered. Forex is coming up tonight [thursday] at around 11 pm EST. It is a major deal with new currencies and new what are some ways to make money rates showing up on the screens.

…We know that there is information suggesting we are just what are some ways to make money about ready for everything to go…The president wants everything to be right as this is what are some ways to make money released, but as far as we know from our top banking what are some ways to make money sources today and I mean top, that there doesn’t appear to be anything else that needs to be what are some ways to make money done. I heard information that suggests we could be in really what are some ways to make money good shape before lunch time tomorrow [friday]. So, we will see. We understand right now everything is available to begin. It is all coming together.

Ray/tony, opening comments: gooooood morning TNT. Getting texts after texts. What’s going on? Update the update for sure. Ray/thu update, iraqi TV broadcasting PM amadi resigning his position. T/came out yesterday morning. Abadi said he would be completing his term and submitting what are some ways to make money his names. Today had names of all ministers and will submit them. Shows how the news changes from morning to evening. What’s really going on (1) waiting for the 100 notes. Info today said don’t even worry about it. With the new international cards, they can go international and withdraw from machines. Saying it could go any moment in iraq. In the US banks saying it could go any moment what are some ways to make money and we don’t know why it hasn’t already. Could be today, tomorrow, next week. Banking person expected it last night. Could happen today after 5:30pm, tomorrow, etc. In some states they are sitting, ready to go and other states they are on stand-by. Some states have 7 steps they’re going thru, some have 5 steps. One guy may do everything! All are consistently saying, make an offer, then negotiate. Don’t let that money go out that door. They’re going to make an offer and then negotiate an what are some ways to make money offer. You’ll have an opportunity to put into practice what we’ve taught you. The law did pass. Still haven’t made it public. 100 bills are already trickling out!

Jiminkc: you’ve advised us to ask for contract rate on our what are some ways to make money total amount of each currency, as you intend to do. In older tony/DC days, there were limits on the amount of currency exchangeable for what are some ways to make money the contract rates, like the 25 m dong and 20 m dinar. Have you asked the banks recently if they will have what are some ways to make money limits, and if so, is that a directive from the govern, or a bank-imposed number? Also, you went into great length on the last call saying what are some ways to make money one or two banks said only zim holders will be what are some ways to make money able to get contract rates on their other currencies. Why would they impose that restriction? Is it still what is being said by those two what are some ways to make money banks? Is it just an arbitrary decision? Has that spread to other banks? Ans: got it from our committee person, never received info from the bank. I’m going to try and get it on all my what are some ways to make money currency (contract rate). They haven’t been told any limits. We’ve heard you can get contract rates on all the what are some ways to make money currencies regardless if you have zim or not. Ask for the contract rate on every currency you have. I talked to them, and they said all they have to do is ask what are some ways to make money for it. If you don’t you won’t get it. If you do, you are supposed to get it!

Lightspirit: if mahdi is removed via no confidence is there any what are some ways to make money guarantee that abadi will take his place? Will they have to create a whole new government with what are some ways to make money all new ministers? Will this be another year? Does this block all economic reform? Ans: I don’t think they do. Not even concerned. Will have a government like he says. I think the RV will have already occurred.

Kartman: ray, would you care to elaborate on your post in chat what are some ways to make money yesterday; “IT’S DONE…IT’S FINISHED… would you care to elaborate? Ans: ray/ that’s been posted in the last 3 month. It’s done, we just don’t know why it hasn’t taken place. T/ 2 songs come on at the end of every call. Asking ray to play the song, “the RV is on the way….Your private banker: the RV’s on it’s way.

SunStar: any updates on adjustments of border and shipping tariffs? Any news on parliament voting the release of the RV what are some ways to make money in the budget? Rayren, do you recommend some sort of insurance coverage for both what are some ways to make money a family trust and foundation for our protection? Ans: everything stays the same. Passed last thu, won’t make it public until they announce the RV itself. Allowed the RV to take place. Thought we’d see it with the 100 notes at the same what are some ways to make money time. But with the new international cards, not necessary. R/like an ins coverage for any entity. Strategy of min coverage.

865/good question lady! What are the banks exchange centers expectations over the weekend? T/didn’t ask about the weekend. C/june 7th mentioned in prior calls, any oversight from changes of their expectations. T/100 notes to be out, but master card international took care of it. Expect it any moment any day. As banks are saying. Everything should be completed by next thu, that’s for sure. C/any info from mosques? T/no, they’re putting everything on TV for all to see. Agenda for parliament today is to complete the govt. If they get those things done, even on a sabbath, it’s going to be a great weekend! C/sounds like it’s going to be a great weekend!

303/denver, CO. T/the more money you have, the more negotiating you have. That’s why the wealth managers are there. There are going to be rates above the 10%. C/looking for 1% per month, paid monthly. T/they’ve been doing this for years. The average person gets 1%. Banks are going to say, you want more than 10%? You’re going to say, yes! You’re going to make over 200%. And you’re upset? You’re going to have to negotiate to get a better what are some ways to make money rate and structure! Shoot for the stars to land on the moon.

617/ boston, MA. Pic of 1 dinar note, was a 10 dinar note. Only get 160 characters in text. T/article said 1 dinar note. Told by committee member, etc. If you want to read the whole thing, go into twitter, press on phone and read the entire tweet. Ray/go to twitter and see it, you don’t have to be customer. Get it automatically. R/key thing was looking for lower denom. C/agree. Any update if poor received 100k dinar. Tony/only in fallujah that day.

978/lowell, MA. How are you? Ray/you do know which letter comes first in the alphabet! C/I’d be glad to pay for earth, wind, & fire to perform for us in vegas. Asking for clarification. Heard don’t go alone, have questions to ask, etc. Wanted to take someone with me. T/they have 15-20 min to complete your exchange. They have a teller person with them. They’re trained to complete the exchange and do nothing else what are some ways to make money at all. No advising, structuring things, etc. C/copies of letters given? Ray/not at initial exchange. C/so my people can have a wealth manager go with what are some ways to make money them later? T/they are going to schedule with a wealth manager 2 what are some ways to make money to14 days later, unless you’re super wealthy (they don’t want that money to leave). First 15 to 20 min just exchange! C/still want to separate in different accounts? T/that’s what I’m going to do. Leave with $7k, debit card with access of 10%, then 24 hrs later 100%. Go open up 3 accounts before you exchange. The more you take care of now, the less you’ll have to do when you get there.

423/chattanooga, TN. C/how can a teller give us a rate? T/no tellers involved. Sit down with somebody that was changed. Put info into the system and see what they can what are some ways to make money do for you. The average person with a few notes won’t be negotiating. Don’t know the limit. Usually $5m and above. The majority holders have up to $1m and no more. They are going to send you to someone who is what are some ways to make money qualified to deal with you. You can make a request to see any bank you what are some ways to make money want. Everybody knows you can go to your own bank (have been told, don’t dial the 800# and I’ll get you right in). C/my regions bank said they aren’t dealing with dinar. T/A small bank may not have been informed yet. When the time comes, we’ll know who’s participating. Tier 2 banks are supposed to go a couple of what are some ways to make money days later.

Ray/crunch time. Make sure you have the right frame of mind. Have you taken care of the preliminaries? Some of you might not really be ready. “entities”. You need to make sure you understand the basics. Trusts, S corp, etc, when you place $ into that entity owns that money and whoever oversees the what are some ways to make money entity is in charge of those funds. The trust is a living, breathing person, can’t speak. The trustee does all the speaking. You gave all your money to me. Now it’s my money. And the person who’s managing “bob” is in charge. You can’t go to bob and say I want $ to go to my daughter. Understand what happens when you go “irrevocable”. Once you give this money away, it’s gone. You can’t take it and use it for personal desires. Relatives, friends, etc. So, you don’t mess up: list of who you intend to give money to. But what you need to do, the moment after you exchange. You don’t put $50m in a trust and can’t give to others. Create a trust for jim and jane for $1m each, leaving $48m in trust. Don’t put your money into entities too fast! We all should have a “distribution list”. X amount of $ or currencies. Look at the 3 ways of giving. How are you going to give it to jane? Option A; here you go. Option B: trust. Jane learns how to run that trust. Option C: create a charity for jane for her to run. The $1m you were going to give her, donate it to her “charity”, receive benefits just like in the trust, you get a tax write-off on $1m you were going to give it anyway. You can “carry forward” into the future for 8-9 yrs stretching it out. First distribution lists. Have all of this written-down? If yes, you are ready for this RV. Proper places to invest it post RV. We will let you know. Investments A, B, C, D, etc. Give you options/opportunities so you can pick the best investments. Better than doing it just because somebody just told you what are some ways to make money to do it. Living for THEE WEEKEND. We’ll make you aware of everything that’s going on. Will make a call over the weekend if necessary!