Donald ways to make money in trump and the coming of messiah tikkun time.

The 2,000 year old midrash says that at the end of ways to make money in time …..In the [seven year] cycle in which moshiach comes, paras [iran] will make war with arav [saudi arabia]…. And arav will seek counsel with edom [america]…. And paras will instigate a war with the entire world. Israel will be conflicted…. What will they do?…. The entire world will be frightened. [this obviously refers to the fact that iran can go ways to make money in nuclear.]

And then there will be a bas kol [a divine voice] that is heard throughout creation for those that are able ways to make money in to hear it, and it will say ”the time of your redemption has arrived.” which means that this war between persia and israel [and the world] is the last war. The bas kol continues ”all that I have done is for the sake of ways to make money in purifying the jewish people”.

However, a change seems to be happening. We must remember that even if there is a prophecy ways to make money in where things can be very bad, this can change because we don’t know what merit jews can achieve that has the ways to make money in ability to influence a divine decree. We see this with yonah who went to warn nineveh ways to make money in that there was a prophecy, and nineveh was saved because they repented.

President trump is certainly going to create a showdown with ways to make money in iran. Iran is very afraid of the extreme sanctions which he ways to make money in can issue against them which would destroy their economy. This would lead to a rebellion, of which the kohmeinis are very afraid. Trump will demand a de-nuclearization, total transparency, prohibit the manufacture of missiles that carry the war-heads, and bring an end to the terrorism all over the ways to make money in middle east, especially against israel.

This is messianic. This means that hashem has stopped the prophecy – we don’t know exactly why and we don’t know exactly what the jews have done to merit ways to make money in this. There could be many reasons why. The amazing thing is that hashem is using eisav to ways to make money in achieve this. President trump is involved in the messianic process and his ways to make money in job is to protect the jewish people. He is not just stopping iran, he is stopping the war at the end of time ways to make money in before the coming of moshiach, and that is the most incredible thing.

However, there is a phase two. When evil has been vanquished, they arrive for a last push. It’s like a star before it dies. It takes in all its energy and gives out a ways to make money in monumental cataclysmic explosion. A nova can outshine galaxies….. And we are talking about one star in a billion ways to make money in stars, yet that nova will outshine the whole galaxy. Can you imagine how much energy is in that star?

Evil does the same thing. Before it dies, and while it is dying, it can take it all the energies it has and ways to make money in then explode in a fiercesome explosion. That is the story of egypt. The krias yam suf [splitting of the sea]. Hashem destroyed egypt with the ten plagues, but that wasn’t enough… they had to come back after the jews. That is phase two.

First they kept them as slaves for hundreds of years, and then when they were finally destroyed they went after ways to make money in them again by krias yam suf. So the splitting of the sea was really the last ways to make money in attempt of evil to subdue good. That’s why when the satan is dying he tries to ways to make money in gather all his kitrugim [prosecutions] and find any evidence he can to destroy the jews. There is the famous one where the angel of the ways to make money in egyptians [who was working as a helper to the satan] says ”why do you want to save the jews? The egyptians worship idols and the jews worship idols.” we see that the satan made a monumental attempt to ways to make money in save the egyptians.

That is the concept of the resurgence of evil to ways to make money in try to destroy good. And that is the concept of gog from the land ways to make money in of magog…. An individual who gathers the 70 nations of the world ways to make money in [the gematria of gog u magog is 70 representing the ways to make money in 70 nations]…. To go against the jewish people and especially moshiach ben ways to make money in yosef…. And that is the last attempt of the satan to ways to make money in again wipe out the jewish people.

Hashem split the wars of gog u magog into three ways to make money in parts. The chofetz chaim says this, by the way. Phase one was WW1 which destroyed hundreds of jewish communities, even though it wasn’t directly against the jews, it changed jewish life in europe forever. The second phase was WW2 where hitler yemach shemo [as gog] united a great deal of the world against the jews, and there you had the brutality where only one or ways to make money in two families from a city survived. Hashem brought the real brutality of gog u magog towards ways to make money in the jews in WW2. So gog u magog already happened twice.

The major claim of gog/magog is that jerusalem does not belong to you, and israel does not belong to you, and therefore they are going to conduct a war. People don’t make war just to say I want your money ways to make money in or your territory… today that is rare. People have to dress it up and masquerade it as ways to make money in some virtue, such as ”you gotta give everything back to the arabs”… they can’t just attack you and kill you and say we ways to make money in want your cash. These days congress has to be justified with some virtuous ways to make money in statement. So they say ”it belongs to the arabs, you have to split it in half…”

On may 14, which is the 70th anniversary of the jewish state on ways to make money in the english calendar….There is something happening which is beyond belief, and I don’t think anybody realizes it. We know that 250 individuals from america, congressmen, senators… are going to jerusalem to open up the embassy in ways to make money in jerusalem. It’s incredible that there’s going to be an embassy of the united states ways to make money in in jerusalem. So if somebody is born in jerusalem, it will no longer say that he is a citizen ways to make money in of jerusalem, it will say that he is a citizen of israelbecause ways to make money in now jerusalem becomes israel. That is incredible.

President trump has said he will go the opening. Why would the president go to the opening of an ways to make money in embassy? Think about that. Presidents generally don’t go to openings of an embassy, they send the diplomats. Why would trump say that he would go? It means that edom now realizes that the jews are ways to make money in the legitimate owners of the land of israel. By making the embassy in jerusalem, they are making a statement that jerusalem belongs to the ways to make money in jews.

It’s interesting that there are many nations that are going ways to make money in to follow… we already have guatemala, czechoslovakia…. And many other nations will follow and there will be ways to make money in a rush, and it means that the world will recognise that israel ways to make money in belongs to the jews. If that’s the case, then there can no longer be a gog and magog ways to make money in because the argument that jerusalem does not belong to the ways to make money in jews is already over. If all the countries are slowly going to put their ways to make money in embassies in jerusalem…. Then there is nothing to talk about ! That’s an admission by every country that jerusalem is the ways to make money in capital, so it takes away their whole claim… and if that’s the case, then there’s no gog u magog.

In this shiur rabbi mendel kessin talks about the last ways to make money in big war before mashiach comes. Iran will fight against saudia arabia, and also against israel and the whole world. This was mentioned in the talmud 2000 years ago, in yalkut shimoni isa.60, page #499. Kessin also refers to a great article of caroline glick, “ our world: saudi purges and duty to act“, jerusalem post, 6 nov.2017.

It has been reported that next week united states president ways to make money in donald trump will go against the flow of every other ways to make money in UN represented nation as he declares that he (the USA) considers an UNDIVIDED jerusalem to be the capital of israel. It is also reported that next week or next year ways to make money in he will instruct the US embassy to be moved from ways to make money in tel aviv to jerusalem. President trump is saying “yes!” to god’s will and “no!” to the world’s. This is MAJOR news. It is, in my opinion, yet another indicator that the time of messiah’s return is near. Hopefully other nations will follow trump’s lead.

Interestingly, rabbi mendel kessin has some outstanding discussions in his “21st century” series on the “torah thinking” youtube channel in which he explains how trump may be ways to make money in the fulfillment of “the repentance of esav” (esau) which is one factor which ushers in the messiah. Another factor which must occur is the “repentance of ishmael”, which he feels is NOW also occurring as arab nations, lead by the newly anointed crown prince of saudi arabia, who helped form a large arab coalition, have declared open war upon radical islam which is represented ways to make money in nationally by iran. And it is a REAL declaration of war. Inside sources validate that. Saudi arabia has arrested a LOT of radical clerics and ways to make money in wealthy saudis who financially support them and has attacked various ways to make money in jihadists strongholds with, of course, US assistance. There is, quite literally, a state of war now existing between saudi arabia and ways to make money in its allies vs. Iran and its allies. Amazingly, few people are aware of the profound, unprecedented things that are now ongoing worldwide. The crown prince is a realist and pragmatist. He realizes that saudi arabia’s future depends upon totally severing any ties with radical ways to make money in islam. He has also relaxed many oppressive laws, such as now allowing women to drive vehicles and in ways to make money in other ways practice greater freedom. SAUDI ARABIA IS NOW EVEN MOVING TOWARDS AN ALLIANCE WITH ways to make money in ISRAEL AND TO ALLOW RELIGIOUS FREEDOM INSIDE THE SAUDI KINGDOM ways to make money in – JUDAISM AND CHRISTIANITY! That would have been unimaginable just a few years ago. The “final” war, kessin feels, will be against iran, and anyone who keeps abreast of current world events knows ways to make money in that could happen any day (north korea is closely aligned with iran). The last “repentance” he feels must occur among the “erev rav”, which he feels is the secular jewish community (basically hellenists). I’m not so sure about that last prediction. That would be, by far, the most difficult or miraculous event since the vast majority ways to make money in of ethnic jews are far from god and torah. […] note the descriptive term UNDIVIDED jerusalem. The entire “palestinian” bogus fiasco garbage led to past US presidents and the ways to make money in world to divide jerusalem into “palestinian” and a “jewish” sectors. The temple mount, bethlehem, etc. Are all in the “palestinian” sector. President trump says NO!, there is only JERUSALEM and it is one unit, the capital of israel, and should be recognized as such. Trump is actually an extremely spiritual man who, more than any president in memory, invokes “god” openly and boldly. He doesn’t hesitate to stand with what he feels is god’s will even when it usually means he must stand ways to make money in against the leaders of this fallen world. This may actually lead to war. It will for sure infuriate the “palestinians”, islamic fanatics, and globalists who use them as pawns to further their ways to make money in satanic agenday (most notably in europe). Most people are too clueless to recognize how truly profound ways to make money in this is. This is a HUGE change. It is also a primary reason for the worldwide demonic ways to make money in hatred aimed at trump since even while campaigning he openly ways to make money in stated this as one of his primary goals. The world hates the god of israel, israel, and anyone who supports them; therefore, the world hates the US president donald trump. But god loves what he is doing, and that’s all that matters. Now watch what happens. You will likely see the world, particularly the ultra-crazy and cowardly european socialists, leftists, globalists leaders attack trump when he takes this step. He will be labeled with all manner of negative terms. […] I hasten to add that moving an embassy is a ways to make money in massive undertaking for a variety of reasons, not the least of which are locating or building a ways to make money in large, strong facility and securing that facility. You also must find housing for all the employees and ways to make money in secure them in some cases, which includes a contingent of US marines who guard it. Completing the move could take years and not be completed ways to make money in until trump’s second term IF he is allowed or lives to ways to make money in have a second term, but the alleged plan is to “officially” do it even before it physically occurs. – unquote