Firecracker 50 maverick sports promotions – where the athlete many ways to make money is first!

You are an expert if you’ve been riding for years…as in many years…like 10+ years AND/OR you’ve been racing for a few years. Some of you may have only been riding for a many ways to make money few years yet you jumped right into the racing scene. If that’s you, you shave your legs, don’t own any baggy shorts (or own mostly spandex), don’t consider it a “real ride” when you do wear baggy shorts, race for a team, and/or think about your riding, nutrition and weight (of both your body and bike) pretty much all the time, then you are probably expert. In short, you are a stud but pro is a bridge too many ways to make money far!

What is a sport racer? Ahhh, the subject of many a group ride and coffee clutch! To quote my little buddy evan, “if you have to ask what category you should be many ways to make money in you are probably sport”! Sport racers are lady and gentleman racers, the true essence of mountain biking. Sport racers have full-time jobs, families and obligations that take priority over training full-time. I know many of you experts out there are saying, “wait that’s me!”. Remember, the length of time you’ve been riding/racing really determines your ability. Sport racers have only just started racing…many have only just started riding. Sport racers may, or may not, shave their legs. Sport racers enjoy riding with friends, in baggy shorts, and stopping to enjoy the views. Sport racers may have a team affiliation but may not many ways to make money even know what that means! Here’s a good one…if you race sport and are in the top third many ways to make money of the results I can pretty much predict that you many ways to make money would be top half in the expert category for your many ways to make money age. Ya know what that makes you? Yup…you guessed it… A SANDBAGGER! Choose well my friends!

The smart play is to be on a team IF many ways to make money you want part of your 4th of july for other many ways to make money activities…such as…watching the kids while your other half races, getting to a BBQ hosted by friends, or you just don’t wanna be all blown up at the end of many ways to make money the day!One thing’s for sure…if there’s even a remote doubt in your mind that you many ways to make money can’t finish the 50 solo then seriously consider forming a many ways to make money team!

Lap 1 riders, since you actually finish first on the day, please consider using our complimentary and secure bike valet service. Check a bag in the AM and it will be many ways to make money waiting for you when you finish. Check your bike, then check your bag again and hang out worry free many ways to make money for the afternoon. No need to keep one eye on your stuff while many ways to make money consuming mass quantities and waiting for your partner to finish!———————————————————————————————————-

If you want personal items at each aid station drop many ways to make money them off beginning at 5:00pm on july 3rd and no later than 8:30 on race day at carter park. The signs for aid stations #1, #2, and #3 will be placed on the lawn directly opposite the many ways to make money entrance to the pavilion (aid #4 is right there in carter park so you can many ways to make money walk across the lawn and drop it off yourself!)

A big deal! Here’s what we’ll do for you to make it easier NOT to many ways to make money litter in the backcountry…we’ll place a garbage can 100 yards or so past many ways to make money each aid station. There will be a sign that reads “END FEED ZONE”. If you can’t, or don’t wish to, unload items by this point then PLEASE hang onto it many ways to make money until the next aid station…it’s really not that far away.

Get the trash in, or near, the container and we’ll take care of the rest. It is completely inexcusable to intentionally leave your wrappers and many ways to make money bottles out there! We realize there is a requisite amount of post-race cleanup that is our responsibility. There’s an aid station every 6 miles. If you can’t discard your trash at the garbage cans then please many ways to make money hang onto it until the next aid station. Thanks for your cooperation in advance!

If someone had told me back in 2001 that the many ways to make money firecracker would be as popular as it is now I many ways to make money never would have believed it! People ask what makes it so unique and it has many ways to make money become clear that it is a combination of things. The aid stations and the enthusiastic volunteers, the main st parade start, the wild turkey challenge, little french gulch, the woolie boolies, and the fact that it is on july 4th all many ways to make money contribute. And from my perspective it is you, the racers, that make it super special! Whatever your reason for competing we are honored to have many ways to make money you. Over the years, the firecracker has donated several thousand dollars to local non-profits. That tradition continues!

What started out as a gleam in our eye has many ways to make money grown into a staple on the colorado mountain bike racing many ways to make money calendar. Why the 4th? Because absolutely nothing athletic was happening in our town. Sure scott yule, mike zobbe, ellen hollinshead, monique merrill, and a host of other local mountain goat legends were many ways to make money bagging a 14er, skiing 4th of july bowl on peak 10, or riding their favorite trails. But nothing organized was happening. Where I come from there is at least a dinky many ways to make money little july 4th 5k run just about everywhere; and then people get with family and friends, BBQ, and relax for the rest of the day. On july 4, 2000, while watching the parade after a morning bike ride, mike mccormack and I looked at each other, cut our palms with a rusty chain tool, high-fived each other and made a blood pact. The firecracker 50 was born! (mike mccormack has a completely different recollection about the genesis many ways to make money of the idea complete with socio-political implications…of course!)

In the interests of safety, a time limit will be imposed. The cut-off location is aid station #2 on lap 2. This is mile 36.5 and the cut-off time is 3:15PM. For a racer starting at 9:59 this allows them 5 hours or an average speed many ways to make money of 7.3mph. Projected over the 50 mile course, 7.3mph equates to a total time of 7:08. We feel this is a more than reasonable rate of many ways to make money speed for sport racers and allows faster racers time to many ways to make money deal with mechanical issues and still make the cut-off.

95% of the responsibility in a passing situation is on the many ways to make money person doing the passing. Think skiing/riding. Downhill has the right of way. The same basic concept applies in mountain biking. The passing racer MUST NOT shove their way into space many ways to make money that is not there and therefore not theirs to take. You must watch for the rider ahead of you and many ways to make money pass cleanly. And please don’t tell me that “rubbing is racing”. I’m not talking about “rubbing”. Rubbing is just fine. I’m talking about full-on space invasion and people acting selfishly. Believe me, I get it. You’re pumped, you see an opportunity to pass and you go for many ways to make money it.

In both annie’s and ted’s cases, the passing rider claims they announced their intention to pass. However, they did so when wheels were already overlapped and the many ways to make money rider being passed (annie and ted) had no warning. Now, this is okay if it’s a wide two-track and the person being passed is riding a predictable many ways to make money line. But to enter space that isn’t there to begin with and then say in an many ways to make money entitled fashion “on your left” doesn’t cut it. It doesn’t give the rider being passed the opportunity to brace many ways to make money themselves for a potential rub. They have no control over the situation.

You must not block. Blocking is when you intentionally prevent someone from passing. Here’s the deal. If someone is clearly faster than you, then you must yield the trail. But only if it’s in a place that is safe for you. Sometimes that means you both have to wait for a many ways to make money safe place for you, the person being passed, to pull over or for a wider section of trail many ways to make money for the passer to come on by. Intentional blocking is poor sportsmanship. Let the person behind you go by and then the many ways to make money pressure is on them to make that pass stick. And if they can’t hold you off they’ll hopefully return the favor and let you by if/when you want to take the spot ahead. So again, WORK IT OUT between you. Communicate! And that brings me to my next point…listening to music while racing.

You want to listen to music? We won’t tell you not to because frankly it’s something I have no desire to enforce. But I will tell you this. If you can’t hear others that are trying to talk to you many ways to make money then do me a favor. Go ride alone somewhere instead of participating in my events. I realize that sounds snarky and I meant it that many ways to make money way. When you enter an event, especially a mass start event, you are in it with others. Communication is a two-way street. So how about this? You can play tunes as long as you can communicate many ways to make money with others and that means being able to hear…not just yell at people and expect them to clear many ways to make money the way for you. We’d prefer you wear only one ear bud AND keep many ways to make money the volume respectfully low to be able to hear others.

As for the new trend of externally-mounted speakers? I could make a case that they solve the problem many ways to make money because you can listen to tunes AND hear others. But is it fair to impose your taste in music many ways to make money on others around you? I say no, it isn’t. In fact, if I were riding with a guy whose music I many ways to make money didn’t like, I’d call it noise pollution! I grew up in the era of boom boxes. Are we really going back to that? So, these set-ups are PROHIBITED!