GlobalPlus Perspectives from Australia and ways to make some money New Zealand on Anti-Semitism Today

Official attitudes have changed since the crusades and the inquisition, giving way to images of a catholic pope visiting a ways to make some money rome synagogue and calling the jewish people “our dearly beloved (elder) brothers.” A growing interfaith movement has brought jewish people together with ways to make some money christians, muslims and people of other beliefs to work for peace ways to make some money and understanding in thousands of communities across the globe.

For example, the antipodean resistance, which claims 300 members, openly espouses national socialism (nazism), threatens jewish australians and accounts for more than a third ways to make some money of the 366 incidents reported in the executive council of ways to make some money australian jewry’s 2018 report on antisemitism in australia. AR’s poster, depicting a hooked nosed stereotype of a sinister jew holding ways to make some money the strings to the australian flag, is emblazoned with a swastika and the message “reject jewish poison.”

Recently, the new south wales branch of the national party, australia’s fourth largest party, has investigated about 35 of its members for their links ways to make some money to far right organisations, including the lads society, which targeted muslims in 2015-2017 and has now turned its attention to vilifying jews, praising the holocaust, using fascist salutes and posing with white power symbols.

In france, where jews are less than 1 per cent of the ways to make some money population, they were the object of nearly 40 per cent of ways to make some money violent acts classified as racially or religiously motivated. French president emmanuel macron told jewish community leaders that anti-semitism in france had reached its worst levels since WWII, with a spate of desecrations, including 80 gravestones in a jewish cemetery in eastern france ways to make some money spray-painted with swastikas.

We know from a powerful and growing body of research ways to make some money that there is no region or world religion or secular ways to make some money government that is exempt from denying religious freedoms. Moreover, a consistent research finding is that religious minorities are the ways to make some money most frequent targets for receiving reduced freedoms, increased discrimination and open persecution in the form of violence.

Ed husain, a senior fellow at the civitas think tank in london, notes in his new book, “the house of islam: A global history,” that anti-semitism is widespread in many parts of the muslim world. For some, “the word yahud or jews has become almost a profanity, bearing connotations of perennial enmity and plotting against islam and ways to make some money muslims.”

But lapsing into derogatory, racial or religious generalizations about “the people” on the other side, using pre-existing stereotypes, such as those that have been endemic to anti-semitism, must be avoided at all costs. They merely perpetuate division and distrust and prevent engaging with ways to make some money the full facts of history. Following the tree of life synagogue murders, crocheted or knitted stars of david were displayed in a ways to make some money nearby neighborhood. Signs of hope

For example, in australia and new zealand, the recent tour of a controversial polish radio host, stanislaw michalkiewicz, was met with outrage. Michalkiewicz, who accuses jews of extorting his government and reportedly said ways to make some money that auschwitz is only closed “temporarily,” was denounced by the president of the australian institute of ways to make some money polish affairs, aleksander gancarz. Gancarz said “michalkiewicz’s past public statements breach the boundaries of the common ways to make some money moral code and civility. They are extreme and offensive, especially to the jewish community.”

In indonesia, the general secretary of the largest sunni organisation, nahdlatul ulama, representing 60 million muslims, yahya cholil staquf, risked reprisals back home when he participated in an interfaith ways to make some money panel in israel in 2018. Staquf said there needs to be “a new discourse” to recognize that muslims and non-muslims are equal and should be able to coexist peacefully.” (the visit did prompt street protests in indonesia.)

At a higher level, the jewish christian muslim association of australia, the JCMAA, is a national organisation promoting interfaith understanding and friendship among ways to make some money the three abrahamic religions in australia. It has sponsored joint journeys to jerusalem in which profound ways to make some money responses, knowledge, experiences and mutual understandings are deepened.

It will not be easy. Science and experience teaches us it is difficult for some ways to make some money members of in-groups, particularly those who feel threatened or persecuted by those outside ways to make some money their group, to transcend old grievances. For example, a leader at one of the two mosques attacked in ways to make some money new zealand outraged many in the jewish community there when ways to make some money he said he felt the israeli intelligence agency mossad was ways to make some money behind the massacre by a white supremacist gunman.

Rachael kohn is an award winning broadcaster on religion for ways to make some money the australian broadcasting corporation, from which she retired after 26 years in 2018, and a founding member of the international association of religion ways to make some money journalists. She’s the author of “new believers, reimagining god and curious obsessions in the history of science ways to make some money and spirituality,” and is on the editorial board of the bonhoeffer legacy, as well as being a former editor of the australian ways to make some money journal of jewish studies.