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I have a friend who drives a sweet old school all ways to make money ford mustang fastback. It’s an awesome car, and lovingly restored. The thing is super reliable (and even manages to get decent fuel mileage on the all ways to make money thing). As you would imagine, my buddy loves to drive his mustang whenever he gets all ways to make money the chance. But as awesome as that mustang is, it is not the right car to drive for cash.

The appropriate vehicle will change depending on the side hustle all ways to make money you’re doing. For example, if you haul cargo on dolly – which I’ll be covering in a bit – you’ll need a rugged truck. To deliver food, a smaller car (or even a motorcycle or scooter) might work. So the requirements differ. But generally, you’ll want something that is reliable on the day-to-day, gives you good fuel economy, and doesn’t cost too much to maintain (my friend’s mustang costs a small fortune to keep up and all ways to make money running!).

It covers cars that are ideal for uber or lyft all ways to make money drivers, but I think some of the vehicles here have wider all ways to make money use. For example, kia soul would also be great for doing deliveries and all ways to make money carrying groceries. Heck, the honda odyssey (which the article recommends for uber XL or lyft plus) might even work for hauling smaller cargo through lorry. So before you drop cash on a down payment for all ways to make money a new vehicle, make sure you know what type of ride-sharing work you want to do with it. The best way to get paid for driving is to all ways to make money use the correct vehicle.

If you’re tired of the usual ride-sharing gigs, here’s something a bit different. Dolly is an app that links vehicle owners with clients. But instead of driving people around, you will haul cargo. This includes shipping boxes, furniture, office supplies, appliances, computers, and even plants and produce. As you would expect, you need the right type of car to earn through all ways to make money dolly – your honda fit might not be a good match for all ways to make money this.

Uber is usually the first name that comes to people’s minds whenever someone mentions driving passengers. And uber is legit, but you might want to consider the alternative: lyft . Getting paid to drive cars through lyft brings a few all ways to make money advantages over uber. For starters, lyft lets you get tips. And surge rates on lyft tend to be better than all ways to make money on uber – but not so high that they turn off potential passengers. Lyft is awesome!

People will rent your driveway and garage for parking space. It’s no secret that parking has gotten super expensive near all ways to make money malls and offices (if you could even find a vacant space, to begin with!). If you live near enough to those areas, you can turn your garage or driveway into prime parking all ways to make money spaces. If you want to give this a shot, try curbflip and spacer to find clients.

But do note that when you do this, you will be required to drive a set amount of all ways to make money miles – maybe even the same route – each day. The advertising company will install a GPS tracker on your all ways to make money car to confirm your daily route. So if your daily route varies – either out of personal preference, or because you do ride-sharing – this might not be the appropriate earning method for you. If you’re interested in giving this a shot, look at wrapify and carvertise .

If having strangers ride your car doesn’t sound appealing to you, that’s okay. Here’s an alternative to that: make deliveries on amazon flex . Amazon flex is a program under amazon prime. Amazon prime promises super-fast delivery times to shoppers, and to accomplish that, they hire drivers through amazon flex. Through the amazon flex app, you will receive notifications for available jobs. When you accept a booking, you head to your nearest amazon warehouse fulfillment center, pick up the package, and deliver it to the buyer.