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We’ve heard of helicopter parents—those over-involved and over-protective parents who hover over their children, taking responsibility for their experiences and protecting them from failure. With the college admission scandal in the news, we now see helicopter parents on steroids. Called lawnmower, snowplow, or bulldozer parents, they don’t just hover over their youngsters. Not wanting to see their children struggle, they mow down challenges, plow through hurdles, and demolish any obstacles facing them.

Those parents are now reaping what they’ve sown. Having spent 18 years clearing the road for their children, they’ve failed to prepare them for the bumps in the ten best ways to make money road of adulthood! Instead of sitting in the backseat of their adult children’s lives, they remain in the driver’s seat. The new york times and morning consult (a technology/media company) recently conducted a poll of a nationally representative group of ten best ways to make money parents of adult children (aged 18 to 28). It found that 76% of the parents remind their children of deadlines they need ten best ways to make money to meet, 74% make their appointments for everything from haircuts to doctors, 15% call or text them to make sure they don’t over-sleep, 11% will call their child’s employer if there is an issue at work, and 8% had contacted a teacher on behalf of their child! These aren’t first-graders needing guidance; they’re adults who should be able to accomplish these simple ten best ways to make money tasks on their own! 12% of those same parents even give their adult children more ten best ways to make money than $500 a month for rent or expenses. I have a neighbor who pays his grown son’s credit card bill. That might be understandable if he were a struggling student ten best ways to make money but this young man, out of law school for two years, is gainfully employed and totally debt-free! Apparently, with all that education, he hasn’t yet figured out how to budget! I know of another woman whose son had difficulty adjusting ten best ways to make money to dormitory life and waking up for class. Rather than letting him learn how to acclimate to new ten best ways to make money circumstances and reap the consequences of missing class, she moved to his college town so he could live ten best ways to make money with her and commute to class (after she’d awakened and fed him). Perhaps a better name for parents like these would be ten best ways to make money “concierge.” they provide the wake-up calls, get the reservations, arrange the transportation, solve the problems, make the phone calls, and figure out the logistics of their children’s lives.

All parents want their children to succeed but, when they repeatedly eliminate every obstacle and challenge, they’ve left their children unequipped for the challenges of adulthood. The prodigal would never have returned home if he’d had a concierge parent! Mom and dad would have paid his bills, smoothed out any legal difficulties, provided groceries during the famine, and told the farmer their son was too good to ten best ways to make money slop pigs! Not having to experience the consequences of his profligate lifestyle, the son would never have seen the error of his ten best ways to make money ways.

When we read the exodus story, it becomes clear that our heavenly father is no concierge ten best ways to make money parent. The god who parted the red sea certainly could have ten best ways to make money destroyed the philistines with a snap of his fingers and ten best ways to make money taken his people on the direct route to the promised ten best ways to make money land. Instead, he took them the long way around and a three ten best ways to make money week journey took two years while he prepared the israelites ten best ways to make money for the challenges of canaan. Then, when they rebelled, rather than coddle and coax them, god let them suffer the consequences. For the next thirty-eight years, they learned the painful lesson of missed opportunities.

Believing in on-the-job training, god allows us to experience failure and frustration, not because he wants us to be failures but because ten best ways to make money he wants us to learn how to solve problems, make decisions, resolve differences, assess risks, and turn to him. Like any parent, god wants us to be successful but he also wants ten best ways to make money us to understand the weight of our decisions and learn ten best ways to make money both humility and the importance of surrendering to his will. As adam and eve learned when leaving eden, free will is not a gift to be taken lightly ten best ways to make money and there are consequences to our choices. Wanting us to grow in wisdom, discernment and strength, god lets us make mistakes, face opposition, lose battles, and experience his discipline. If he protected us from challenges, set-backs and trials, we’d think we were the ones responsible for our success. It is in our pain, disappointment, loss, and failure that we truly see how much we need ten best ways to make money him.

When we come to jesus, we come as baby christians. While he lovingly accepts our imperfect immature selves, he doesn’t want us to stay that way! Let us thank god for the numerous opportunities (many of which we didn’t enjoy) that he’s given us to mature in our faith and grow ten best ways to make money more like christ. We can rejoice, too, when we run into problems and trials, for we know that they help us develop endurance. And endurance develops strength of character, and character strengthens our confident hope of salvation. And this hope will not lead to disappointment. For we know how dearly god loves us, because he has given us the holy spirit to fill ten best ways to make money our hearts with his love. [romans 5:3-5 (NLT)] copyright ©2019 jsjdevotions. All rights reserved. Post navigation