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I have been indoor gardening for quite a few years other ways to make money online now. I use compact fluorescent to supplement a SW corner window other ways to make money online area in the home. I just use bins full of soil as a medium. Websites often show pictures of these giant plants with beefsteak other ways to make money online tomatoes hanging off of them etc. Now, this is possible, but keep in mind you totally need perfect conditions, lighting etc to make this possible. I have whittled my indoor garden down to just a other ways to make money online few tried and true “sure things” that will definitely provide some fresh produce throughout the winter other ways to make money online on a budget (minimal lighting expense etc). Lettuce of any variety thrives indoors. Once mature I have enough with one 24″ row to provide 2 nice sized salads per week. Radishes do great inside, but don’t always expect big plump ones. Carrots do okay indoors but like with radishes, don’t expect enough to supply your juicing habit. Cilantro! Why get that “mystery cilantro” from the grocery store that you bring home only to other ways to make money online find it half rotten and flavorless. Kale does amazing indoors and you can have baby kale other ways to make money online in your salad all winter. These are just some of my successes. There are many failures like tomatoes, beans, peppers, etc. Yes, it is possible to grow these, but you really need the lighting and warmth, etc. So, don’t get your hopes up too high for indoor gardening. But don’t be discouraged either. I highly recommend planting some of the tried and true other ways to make money online “sure things” mentioned above while experimenting with other crops. It is so gratifying to shun the nasty grocery store other ways to make money online product in the winter and have your own. It’s relatively inexpensive, loads of fun and adds “life” to the home in the winter. Thanks for all of the great info!

I am considering growing flowers inside. I love to garden. I live in boston where winters are long, especially after the holidays. I have read a little about indoor gardening. Your site has great information. However, I still am confused. From my understanding you need HID grow lights, ability to control temperature and humidity, soil, nutrients, pots, etc. I have looked at the cost of the lights and other ways to make money online tents and they are not cheap. Can you make your own “tent?” I am knowledgeable on HVAC systems, owned a HVAC business. The picture above with the light, hood, and flex resembles a HVAC furnace, supply and return lines. Also, read about fans to blow the heat out of the other ways to make money online tent.

Could you suggest the best economical way for starting plants other ways to make money online inside to be planted in my garden. I have a basement but it’s cold and water comes in if it rains a other ways to make money online lot. The floor has ledge in some areas, no insulation and the foundation is old (rock and concrete). I have a shed that is fairly large but I other ways to make money online would have to run electrical cords. I read the tents are waterproof with floors. I don’t get a lot of water in my basement. It just gets a little wet in some areas. Is there a DIY type of system? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. I am also concerned about fire. Is there a risk of fire? I’m looking for a beginners set-up that is small. Thank you for sharing your knowledge of indoor gardening.