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I had a series of awful experiences with airbnb a ways to make more money couple of summers ago in europe, and swore off it for good afterwards. It was a decision that was validated when I spent ways to make more money time in lisbon and immediately saw the negative impact it’s having on the city — these days, lisbon is a city full of tourists, a city where you hear little portuguese, a city where few locals can afford to live in ways to make more money the centre, a city where people are being kicked out of apartments ways to make more money at alarming rates, a city where it’s damn near impossible to find a long-term apartment in the centre of town without paying london-level prices. After experiencing first-hand the damage airbnb causes, I really don’t feel comfortable contributing to the problem.

That why when I do decide to opt to stay ways to make more money in an airbnb apartment (usually in situations where, as in this case, hotels are prohibitively expensive), I opt to stay in a private room rather than ways to make more money renting out the entire place. That way, I’m staying with a family who actually lives there and ways to make more money therefore not contributing to the removal of locals from their ways to make more money homes.

Airbnb in boston ($80 per night): this apartment in somerville was adorable! The hosts were flexible with our late check-in time, had decorated our room with cosy fairy lights and a ways to make more money welcome board, and were super accommodating and friendly. They were some of the best hosts I’ve encountered on airbnb! While the location wasn’t great for exploring downtown boston, somerville was a cute neighbourhood with lots of beautiful houses ways to make more money to wander around.

Airbnb in portland ($85 per night): I personally found this airbnb a little creepy (which was probably 90% my anxiety sending my intuition out of whack), but this room ended up being an excellent choice, as the owner was away while we were there, so we had the entire apartment to ourselves. Judging by the other reviews on this property, this wasn’t a rare occurrence, either. The room was in a reasonable location — a little far from best areas of town — and the bedroom was spacious. It was one of the cheapest options in portland.

Airbnb in acadia national park ($85 per night): if you’re going to be spending time in acadia national park ways to make more money and want more of a local experience than you’ll get in touristy bar harbor, staying at this airbnb apartment is a must. The owners are incredibly knowledgable about the park, can recommend the perfect hikes and activities for you, and are great to chat to. The breakfast was fantastic, and it was wonderful to sip beers on the outdoor ways to make more money porch after a long day of walking.

Guesthouse in north conway ($149 per night): the spruce moose was the cheapest option in town but ways to make more money still pretty overpriced. It was a pleasant enough place to sleep, in a central location, and breakfast was included. The dog slobbered all over my clothes, and the owners were clearly stressed from what was their ways to make more money busiest week of the year, so I didn’t feel particularly welcomed. It was alright. If you’re on a tight budget, it’s a good option as it’s one of the cheapest places in town.

Airbnb in new haven ($51 per night): this airbnb was a steal. It was within walking distance to yale, was in a safe and quiet neighbourhood, and, um, there were a lot of notes to the guests! There were post-its attached to every single part of the house “this light is for the kitchen!” “this switch is for the fan!” “don’t open this window!” “don’t forget to use the shower curtain!” “remember to lock the door behind you!” it was a cosy home, the owner was incredibly helpful, and it was great value for money, but it was a little strange to have notes plastered ways to make more money all over the place.

Airbnb in newport ($60 per night): our airbnb apartment in newport was one of our favourites ways to make more money from the road trip. You stay in a self-contained house at the back of the main house, complete with a spacious living room, kitchen, and washing machine. The owners were friendly and fun to chat with, commiserating with us when the rain prevented us from seeing ways to make more money anything and giving us a ton of food recommendations at ways to make more money mealtimes. I’d go back to newport just to stay here again.

We managed to keep our activity costs low by making ways to make more money our road trip all about the scenic drives and the ways to make more money even more scenic hikes. We decided to splurge on activities that were unique to ways to make more money the region, like the fenway park tour, which took us around the oldest baseball stadium in the ways to make more money united states, and the cryptozoology museum, which had me in tears of bemusement. Here’s what we opted to spend our cash on:

This was very crap! When dave and I turned up in salem and found ways to make more money a dreary, depressing town full of witch statues and tacky halloween displays, we jumped on tripadvisor and stumbled upon the incredible reviews ways to make more money of the peabody essex museum. We paid the $20 entrance and were well and truly bored for the ways to make more money entirety of our visit. So bored! I cannot tell you how bored we were.

Vermont comedy club is rated highly among comedians and comedy ways to make more money fans alike, so I couldn’t resist checking out a show while I was in ways to make more money town. As an inexperienced comedy appreciator, I thought it was a kickass venue and spent a ways to make more money hilarious evening laughing until my sides ached. I wished I could pack this club up in my ways to make more money backpack and take it around the world with me!