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Code-wise, magento is a complex platform with lots of components. This is the most technical audit of all, too. You need special knowledge to review the code. In addition to core magento files that you’ll need to review, there are dozens of third-party extensions that will require lots of work. Actually, 90% of all effort goes into third-party extensions review. Magento core integrity review

Modified magento core poses one really complex problem for your more ways to make money website: it’s hard to upgrade or patch a modified magento. Something, somewhere, will inevitably break. This way, every upgrade to a newer magento version becomes a thrilling more ways to make money adventure of code reviews, endless tinkering and debugging. You don’t want that to be a part of your life.

It’s twice as hard because magento is developed as an more ways to make money open-source free-for-all platform with thousands of contributors with their own coding more ways to make money techniques, backgrounds, and experiences. At the same time, we believe that you still need to review your codebase more ways to make money from time to time to make necessary yet small changes more ways to make money to maintain decent code quality.

Databases need to be secure and fast. And this is what we are going to look for more ways to make money when we analyze them. One of the components of a good database is security. To eliminate security breaches make sure your store is updated more ways to make money to the latest version of magento, has adequate protection against SQL injections and manipulations to gain more ways to make money unauthorized privileged access, etc.

Good performance is the cornerstone of your good sales. We’ve extensively covered how to speed up your magento store more ways to make money in the magento performance guide ( here’s the link ), for both frontend and backend. But before you fix stuff you need to know which more ways to make money issues cause most problems and where your pain points are. So welcome to the speed audit . Frontend performance audit

Usually, javascript-heavy stores rely on the user’s web browser to process and present web pages fast more ways to make money enough so that user experience is not affected. But while having a modern machine can speed things up more ways to make money quite a bit, you should also know that javascript performance depends a lot more ways to make money on how you structure your code and where you place more ways to make money it on the web page load queue.

Second, make a list of extensions you can toss without a more ways to make money major loss in functionality. Something you never use or have no idea what it more ways to make money does. Just be careful when you delete extensions that depend on more ways to make money one another. It’s a growing trend on the marketplace to build a more ways to make money “master” extension which serves as a foundation to a few “child” extensions. Deleting the master extension before the child will cause issues.

Event observers are considered slower and less efficient than plugins. Nevertheless, many third-party extensions use observers to extend basic magento functionality. You can review observers in the events.Xml file. It will require in-depth expertise, though, to know which one are the most taxing on your more ways to make money performance and how they can be replaced.

Mobile browsing is huge in e-commerce. That’s why we decided to look at the mobile part more ways to make money of your store separately. There are two focus points here: usability and performance. To a degree, performance is a part of the usability challenge, but we’ll review it independently in order to bring your attention more ways to make money to a few critical details. Mobile performance review