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Check your ebay seller account, look at the graphs that show your products views and ways to make more money impressions. A huge decrease in the numbers could mean your account ways to make more money has been flagged. If you are a drop shipper on ebay, know that it takes about a month to crawl your ways to make more money order data to decide if you are drop shipping. EBay drop shippers don’t want to be flagged as there is nothing that ways to make more money can be done with a flagged account.

If your ebay account is flagged, you need to rethink your current business strategy, change your mindset, and strive for something new. You can call ebay to check the code 587. EBay may tell you the account status and the possible ways to make more money factors that triggered it. It could be because the item location was misrepresented, or pre-sale behavior, or listing manipulation, etc. You can ask if it’s possible that the flag is removed. However, the truth is that ebay will not do this.

Several metrics help ebay find a drop shipper that violates ways to make more money the ebay’s drop shipping rules. The algorithm considers return labels, return addresses, and tracking numbers. The most important factor is the product’s location; pay special attention to this. To set the right product location, you could start to use the amazon FBA program. Amazon FBA will fulfill orders and store your items, which makes it difficult for ebay to detect the product ways to make more money location.

In a nutshell, it’s no big deal if your ebay account gets flagged. You have options; don’t get frustrated and disheartened. Trust yourself, and believe you will overcome this difficulty by finding new ways to make more money ways to continue. Learn the lesson, follow the rules, and correct your wrongdoings and the product locations. Make sure everything of your business are in line with ways to make more money the drop shipping policy of ebay. Strive hard to adjust your business marketing

As per the summer 2017 ebay seller update: buyers and sellers should always use ebay messaging tools (my messages, best offer) to communicate with one another. By september 2017, sellers will no longer be allowed to include contact information, such as email, phone numbers, and social media links, in item descriptions, titles, or other ebay pages. We encourage you to remove contact information from both active ways to make more money and new listings starting now.

We have been seeing an increasing number of reports from ways to make more money inkfrog users about ebay issuing them warnings or in some ways to make more money cases suspensions for offensive content on their listings. Upon examination, we have found most of these cases have to do ways to make more money with users adding phone numbers, email addresses, or website URL’s in their designer templates which are then published on ways to make more money all of their listings.

We don’t want to see you getting into trouble with ebay ways to make more money and having your selling privileges revoked. In most cases we’ve seen so far, it’s an innocent mistake caused by the user not being ways to make more money aware of this policy by ebay and we are happy ways to make more money to help you fix the offending content. However, we are seeing it more and more lately so we’ve decided to add a proactive solution which is to ways to make more money warn you in advance about this.

If you trigger this warning and are unable to identify ways to make more money what may be causing the warning or you think it ways to make more money is not actually violating the ebay policy, simply contact our customer care team (the email for them is conveniently shown on the warning ways to make more money popup) and include a screenshot. We will investigate immediately and help you identify what is ways to make more money causing the warning, and if it is indeed not offensive content we will ways to make more money unblock it in the code so it doesn’t trigger again.