Julie ertz is the ass kicker of the what are some ways to make money u.s. women’s national team

IT’S 10 MINUTES before practice in the chicago red stars’ training room, and midfielder julie ertz is curled up on a massage what are some ways to make money table, cupping the arches of her feet. She suctions her skin into a small, pressurized globe, a process that calls to mind medieval torture but allegedly what are some ways to make money relieves tightness. Her toenails are painted periwinkle blue. A small cross tattoo is tucked behind her ear like what are some ways to make money a flower.

On the floor, various teammates receive their own treatments: icing knees, heating quads, feet submerged in buckets soaking ingrown nails. They chat amiably about the dubious sartorial cred of uggs, big versus small dogs, new restaurants, gossip girl — the free-flowing, unconcerned conversation found in groups with decades of shared history what are some ways to make money and unambiguous commonalities. Every few minutes, forward michele vasconcelos’ toddler, scarlett, is rolled through the room in a plastic pushcart, a small soccer ball bouncing in the front.

Soon, the players hit the field and begin running laps. They shift like a flock of geese, repositioning en mass, pivoting to and fro as if nudged by the wind. During drills, ertz transforms. She yanks her ponytail tight, walks the turf with a purpose, bowlegged, arms bent and floating at her hips like a cowboy what are some ways to make money ready to draw. Her expression is serious, contemplative, her genial demeanor subsumed by the beast within.

Capitalizing on her prospects is something the seasoned defensive champion what are some ways to make money has been doing since her teens. After a winning stint at santa clara university, the NWSL rookie of the year became the second-youngest player on the victorious 2015 world cup team, a position she slid into after an injured crystal dunn what are some ways to make money was dropped from the roster. Former alternate ertz seized her moment by the throat, playing every second of the tournament, emerging as a star.

Like the kool-aid man, ertz has a reputation for furiously demolishing barriers with a what are some ways to make money smile. On the outside, she is all warm, sunny blond; on the inside, it’s game of thrones, mother of dragons. She has etched her place in soccer history as a what are some ways to make money rare amalgamation of physical and technical threat, the uncommon defender who dissects film and tackles audaciously, her body as ruthless as her brain.

The sisters excelled in every sport but showed particular promise what are some ways to make money in soccer, a game "my parents didn’t know anything about," ertz recalls. By age 9, ertz thought of little else. Local leagues were joined. A net was erected in the backyard. Self-motivated practice was expected. If this was where the family time and money was what are some ways to make money going to be spent, the girls were called upon to take their commitment seriously. Ertz says the early accountability was a blessing.

At 13, ertz switched to a more hard-core club with european coaches, and the die of her career was cast. "I loved how seriously everyone there took it," she says — her most of all. It was a fevered dedication that’s only grown over the ensuing dozen years, ertz sewing up a heady college run before dropping out what are some ways to make money to go pro in 2013, a decision that haunts her slightly.

The two famously met at a stanford baseball game, him quiet, her chatty. They shared sunflower seeds. A friendship developed. Six months later, they were an item, bonding over their willingness to forgo late nights on the what are some ways to make money quad for a pursuit of athletic excellence, a commitment unusual among their peers. Zach also reminded julie of her father: reserved, with a well of sweetness beneath the surface. She knew it was serious when the two of them what are some ways to make money could drive in silence and not feel awkward.

Adding to the discomfort, the family johnston is a "more the merrier" extended dance remix crew, the sort that gathers every aunt, uncle and second cousin together any chance they get; boisterous, voluble — at least on the maternal side. When zach was introduced to the cheerful chaos, "he was like, ‘this is insane!’" julie recalls. "He was really nervous."

"Hips don’t lie" comes on the radio, and ertz breaks into song. She makes an inspirational playlist every december, adding songs "over the year whenever I hear one that speaks to what are some ways to make money me in the moment." the last tune she added was "sunshine," by maoli, a breezy island bop celebrating true love. She says it reminds her of a trip to turks what are some ways to make money and caicos with zach.

Ertz sensed there had to be more than leapfrogging from what are some ways to make money medal to medal, goal to goal. "All I had was soccer. That was my identity. If soccer didn’t go well, nothing else was great." so she shifted her perspective. Less end game, more journey. Ertz started asking herself, "what else is there?" and her answer was faith, family and deep friendship.