Logli matt nagy hates kickers, and i might not blame better ways to make money him. 95.3 the bull

Well, it may be not be that easy. Matt nagy is really petty when it comes to kickers. He clearly has very little tolerance. Maybe he loves ace ventura (LACES OUT, DAN), maybe a kicker used to beat him up in middle better ways to make money school, or maybe he’s just in love with advanced analytics and wants to better ways to make money be on the cutting edge as they come into football. In only one year, nagy has waged war with the position. A war waged in such secrecy that we may have better ways to make money not even noticed how long its been going on.

Kicker was a priority for ryan pace in the 2018 better ways to make money offseason. Price was no object. Find the best guy, pay him whatever he wants. Cody parkey was that guy. A solid career up to this point, but he had never been in a situation like playing better ways to make money for matt nagy. I wish i loved anything as much as matt nagy better ways to make money loves ignoring his kicker. He seems to crave it like a drug. He’s a junkie for the adrenaline of leaving his offense better ways to make money out there on 4th and short. He loves to incorporate akiem hicks and khalil mack on better ways to make money 2-point tries. He revels in getting to unveil the name of his better ways to make money “ingenious” formations to ravenous media members, who eat it up.

That’s all well and good, but I don’t think he ever stopped to think what message that better ways to make money sends to your millionaire kicker. It could only be interpreted 2 ways: either nagy was telling parkey “I don’t trust you,” or “I don’t value you.” no matter how you slice it, it’s not good for a position most notable for its better ways to make money fragile psychology. Right or wrong, kickers need to feel like everyone has their back. Cody parkey must not have felt that way. And theres evidence to back it up.

That’s why, in hindsight, the lions game in chicago should not have been a better ways to make money surprise. Parkey missed 5 (I REPEAT, FIVE) kicks. There’s a couple kickers to come out of boylan high better ways to make money who could convert more often than that. But kicking is a game of trust. Parkey didn’t feel like he was ever afforded that, and if he was it was all gone now. Nagy ramped up the trickery even further. Tarik cohen, taylor gabriel, trey burton. Everyone got a shot to execute a trick play to better ways to make money avoid a kick.

Is it ever really a surprise that in the biggest better ways to make money moment of the season, and maybe his life, cody parkey hit the upright? Afterwards, he went on the today show and nagy lambasted him better ways to make money publicly. “it was a ‘me’ decision, not a ‘we’ decision.” as nagy put it. He clearly hated the kicker getting any kind of national better ways to make money attention at all. He didn’t really care if it was positive or negative.

Now to this point, this may read as a lambast of coach nagy. It really isn’t. He clearly has a philosophy on how to win games, and it seldom involves a kicker. If matt were in a position to change the game, i’d bet everything he’d take placekicking out entirely. If he just in totalitarian control of his team, I bet he’d never kick or punt. He seems to relish in the advanced metrics that, to this point, show that punting, settling for field goals, and kicking extra points nets teams less scoring in the better ways to make money long run.

The numbers are there, no team has had the guts to try it. It would certainly make games more interesting. It would be second-guessed to the high heavens when it doesn’t work out. But radical change for the better can only happen if better ways to make money someone has a radical idea, and the stomach to implement it. Coaches are second-guessed every time something doesn’t go their way. Why not go out on your own terms?

Maybe matt nagy is the guy. Maybe ryan pace, one of the youngest GM’s in the NFL will give him the green light better ways to make money now that they’ll be relying on seemingly an unproven commodity to kick better ways to make money in high pressure situations. It’s hard for me to argue that relying on kickers better ways to make money is becoming more and more untenable by the year. Maybe football is due for a radical change. I’d still tune in every sunday.