Mac ig page bombarded with racist comments over photo of black woman ways for to make money

Still racist in 2016?? What kind of person judges others on their skin color… ? Total losers, that’s who.. People who write these nasty comments need to go get ways for to make money a life… do charity work, help others, make yourself useful to society… be part of the solution & stop spewing hate… their moms and dads must be so ashamed… what kind of person is so hateful?? Unbelievable…. And BTW… to any of my brothers and sisters of color, I am telling you right now, this will end… this racism sickness is gonna end because some of us ways for to make money white folks have had just about enough of this damage ways for to make money that personal and systematic racism has caused our friends, family, & neighbors. We will not stop talking about it until every racist ways for to make money has no where left to hide. Trump may have brought them outta the closet, but I promise, you have allies that will stand up tall and support ways for to make money the cause of BLM and racist folks should be very ways for to make money sad because their embarrassing and shameful behavior is coming to ways for to make money an end… I will not stand and watch as my fellow humans ways for to make money are degraded and put down… <3

You can’t berate no one for hated words and you yourself ways for to make money come on and say if I had stolen the country ways for to make money I would deported you. And you can’t do this and put god in it.. You have to, as well as myself, learn how to fight truth with truth and love against ways for to make money lies. Now no you haven’t stolen no country, but you know what that person is saying, so stop berate truth. No matter who stolen the country.. This whole country is mess up, blacks killing blacks and whites killing whites, men and men and women and women, and women killing unborn babies and marriage is failing and ways for to make money looks like there is no god in no one’s life.. And you wonder why we are fighting with each other.

I see so much hate on these post, and so much denies and lies and if you ask ways for to make money me, no one has learn nothing it has regress and it ways for to make money will more likely get worse. But I thank god I am learning and I don’t hate, but yes I do get angry, but would it, could it change the mindset of hate? If anger could change the mind-set of people with hate I would then stay angry. What is happening is no one has ear to hear ways for to make money and no one has eyes to see truth.

Yes we do have different DNA, in fact you may have some black blood in you,because your father’s father and his father father love that black women ways for to make money and they did impregnated us, who told you that lie they didn’t, what books have been kept from you for you to ways for to make money post your lies? YOUR FATHERS SOLD THEIR OWN CHILDREN THAT WE HAD, AND YOU NEED TO GO AND FIND YOUR BLACK FAMILY, TRUST ME YOU HAVE SOME.

You come on this post and berate truth? You post half-truth, these facts is in your own history books, not ours, these facts are in the books your father and his ways for to make money father wrote and publish. You deny truth don’t make it not truth, you pulling something from the air don’t make truth a lie. Ignorance is saying you don’t have anything to do with what happen in the ways for to make money past, but yet have the same beliefs and the same racist ways for to make money tone and carry the same hate and refuse to change ways for to make money the behavior of such. It has a lot to do with YOU and me, you by your own words have regress to this same ways for to make money time frame that has happen years ago, by your own post and I don’t think you can handle truth. If you would relinquish your mind-set and see we are all people, and understand there is evil ubiquitous in all cultures and ways for to make money stop berate only the black cultures then and only then ways for to make money can we as people live in love.

Ms. Clayton, I must say I am sorry. It is not like me to let people get to ways for to make money me like that. However, like the black man/woman, I do not feel it is fair to judge me ways for to make money or “all white people” by the dealings of my/our forefathers. I did not know them nor do I condone what ways for to make money they did and are still doing. This country has become the devil’s breeding ground for hatred and racism. As much as I hate to give him the satisfaction ways for to make money of thinking he is winning, truth is, if something doesn’t change, he will win. You are right in what you said. We should be showing love toward each other not all ways for to make money this hate. Thank you for saying all that you said. I needed to hear it. You had a way of saying it without the sarcastic ways for to make money attitude like the others had. I do understand that black men and women go thru ways for to make money a lot of bs. Believe it or not, I am always the first one in line to fight ways for to make money for equality in my town. I know how it feels to be judged. I am a convicted felon. Paid my debt to society, 5 years in DOC, and am still looked down upon all because I was ways for to make money a bad judge of character many years ago, and hung out with the wrong people. So, please do not assume that all white people are the ways for to make money same. I have dated black men, my son has been with his “black” girlfriend for quite sometime, and my daughter prefers black men over white. So, I get plenty of first hand experience of just how ways for to make money bad this country is. Having said all that,

I apologize to everyone on this post whom I may ways for to make money have offended. I won’t make excuses. The truth is, I allowed my ignorance to get the best of me. I was raised to be prejudice. And at times, I suppose my upbringing rears its ugly head when I ways for to make money feel like I am being attacked. I am sorry. My friends would be ashamed, as am I, at the things I said. I do hope each and every one of you will ways for to make money take into consideration the fact that none of us are ways for to make money responsible for the past. I was not there, you were not there. I understand nothing will change over night, but we have got to start trying so that our ways for to make money children will have a better life than we did. I don’t want my children to have to continue living with ways for to make money the hatred that this country is dishing out on a ways for to make money daily basis. I want better for them. And I want better for you and I.

There can never be a healing with your people until ways for to make money you confront truth among yourself. You know your people have been killing us and hanging ways for to make money us and raping our black women, and stopping us from even getting ahead, and yet you come here and post lies and assaults ways for to make money as if you can’t read or don’t know history, when you all have done much more evil than I ways for to make money can even explain to the black race. Yet you squelch back the truth of what you have ways for to make money done to us and your bad behavior towards us because ways for to make money and only because our skin is BLACK! Stop berate the black people by saying there is black ways for to make money on black crime, when there is white on white crime. Stop berate the black women about how many children she ways for to make money had out of wed-lock when white women are having children out of wed-lock, stop berate us saying we are on welfare when whites ways for to make money are on welfare also.. Stop berate us talking about we riots when your children ways for to make money riots also over a game. Point is?

When you live this way, it is no wonder you find yourself in fear, you live in fear and hate, and you think you will feel or can live in ways for to make money euphoric world? We all are infallible, whites people and black people and other cultures as well.. Now when you can tell me the diff-rents between black and white people besides the skin color, or the nose or lips and whatever else that is ways for to make money outside the body,let me know sir.

Hunni I am from haiti, next to africa, that is close to as black roots as I’m going to get. You honestly have 0 idea what you’re talking about. The US dollar is worth more in africa, because as I said it is a colonized country. African currency USE to have value, you’re going to sit here and tell me you use ways for to make money african currency to get by this country?

You’re completely blind of yourself spouting hotep nonesense, I’m pretty sure having a conversation with a wall is ways for to make money more intelligent than talking to you. The fact that you won’t even show proof of all that you said, just proves my point that you’re full of shit. Yes we need western money to survive, because that is what is valuable. Euros and the USD. I think you need to do your own research on ways for to make money the USD, and euros instead of talking about things you honestly have ways for to make money no idea about.

Black people have invest a lot of money using USD, not african currency, I just told you what african currency use to be. They NEVER had an actual currency system. I think you need to learn more about your own ways for to make money people, and not talk about made up statistics. If that were true, the reason why you’re done is because you know you’re talking out of your ass. I want to see reports of black people in this ways for to make money country investing more money in here than whites. Which it is fact that the poverty rate shows that ways for to make money next to native americans, blacks and latinos are at the bottom of the poverty ways for to make money rates. And that is because racial oppression put us there. I’ll be happy to show you the research on that. But you probably want to stay in your ignorance, making the rest of the black population look bad, by making yourself sound like an idiot.

I know the theory behind it. But funny how afro centristics people never can answer the ways for to make money question: where do europeans come from? A theory is the first man was black. And we evolved from that into different ‘races’ (because there is one race; thats the human race) cut me open and cut you open.. We have the same organic structure. You are not superior. And if you claim that… why would i be against racism.. Why would i stand for black lives matters.. Why would i acknowledge that what happened in the past ways for to make money ; what the white and arab ancestors has done to black ways for to make money people? Why would i care for the black man? Especially the ones like you.. Your kind (talking bout yo attitude) should rethink their attitude and mindset cause you disrespecting and ways for to make money disinviting other races by your claim that youare superior. Understand that the only way to get rid of racism ways for to make money and hatred is too stand together white, black, arab etc. I don’t see color; i see attitude. So please.. Behave yourself. Be pro black as i said.. We need to fight against racism.. But stop believing you are superior.. Cause you aint. You are a king, so am I..And so is your white neighbour.

I have often wondered why white people are so intimidated ways for to make money by blacks, to the point that when they could, they conditioned their minds so for years they thought they ways for to make money weren’t as beautiful. Truth is blacks have full lips, the envy of whites, much ,elanin, the envy of whites, woolly hair, the envy of whites. Quoting from the scriptures, the most high gave a description of himself when he ways for to make money said his hair was like wool (sheep, tight/kinky/nappy). His feet were like burnt brass (black). The first man was molded by his hand from the ways for to make money (dark) earth. Whites knew the truth all along, so when the got the slaves, they did a job on the following generation who knew ways for to make money no better. Blacks are the original people of the earth, inhabiting most areas, scattered because of disobedience – the true israelites are most us in the west, not those imposters who call themselves israelis. We were in the americas before columbus. Africa is the land of ham (belonging to the hamites, also negroes). Israelites lived among the hamites but were sold away from ways for to make money among their tribes. The israelite slaves met other israelites here. Not all blacks came here as slaves. We are not africans, never were. We built america, through our forefathers hard labor while the white man sat ways for to make money with a whip in the shade. We are just as much american as anyone. We don’t need his-story when we have our-story. Israel was our special land; we have a rich story and its not africa. Another thing that happened, another conditioning is that all blacks are clumped up as ways for to make money african, and the rest of the world is white. Damn lies, as usual. But its all being exposed.