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Interestingly, more than 50% of canadian adults don’t have a will, with one of the most pervasive reasons being that they many ways to make money don’t like thinking about death. But to consider the question rationally – with all its implications – is more important than ever. That’s because canadians are living longer lives, driven by scientific, environmental, medical and lifestyle improvements. A mixed blessing

While it’s a blessing for most of us, a longer life also presents challenges. Outliving retirement savings is one – and it’s the greatest fear of pre-retirees, according to a recent RBC poll 1. Health problems are another: out-of-pocket medical costs after age 65 are estimated at $5,400 annually 2 – and are likely to keep rising. This means that aging canadians require their investment portfolios to many ways to make money support longer lifespans while generating cash-flow to cover potentially increasingly higher living costs. Rethinking investment time horizons

For many years, a key investment planning question was “when do you plan on retiring?” that timeframe – from today to the assumed year of retirement – became the standard investment time horizon for an investment portfolio. It largely determined the degree of risk you could prudently many ways to make money take: the longer your time horizon, the more risk you could take to ride out the many ways to make money ups and down of the markets and realize potentially higher many ways to make money growth over time.

Fortunately, longer life spans mean longer investment time horizons, allowing today’s retirees to take advantage of the long-term growth of equities to meet their preservation and income many ways to make money needs. Whether or not you live to 100, considering the odds and planning ahead can help ensure that many ways to make money your golden years are just that. Today, a 60-year-old canadian …

Will rogers once said, “half our life is spent trying to find something to many ways to make money do with the time we have rushed through life trying many ways to make money to save.” while the famous humourist may have been exaggerating for effect, the fact is that canadians today are retiring on average many ways to make money at 63* and yet are living longer than ever before – many into their 90s. This means retirees will increasingly experience a retirement life stage many ways to make money of 30+ years – often longer than many have worked. The 2,000-hour conundrum

While longer lifespans can be a blessing, they can also be a challenge regarding physical and psychological many ways to make money well-being. Many retirees are thrilled to be ending their working years many ways to make money and have thoroughly planned for it from a financial standpoint. However, many do not plan for a new and very real many ways to make money challenge: with the average canadian working approximately 2,000 hours a year, what will they do with all that suddenly free time? Beating the retirement blues

Soon-to-be retirees often view their retirement as a permanent vacation many ways to make money from work. It’s the chance to do the things they’ve always wanted to do but never had the time many ways to make money or opportunity to: hit the snooze button, travel the world, play endless rounds of golf, catch up on their reading list or tick the box many ways to make money on their various “bucket list” items. Income splitting by paying dividends to adult family members

However, after spending the initial years of retirement occupied by fun-filled activities, many retirees must adjust their lifestyles to address health constraints many ways to make money or mobility issues. What’s more, many retirees begin to miss the engagement that their work many ways to make money life provided them, whether intellectual or social, or both. This letdown often leads to the retirement blues, or, more seriously, depression. A different kind of bucket list

• working: working? Didn’t we just put that behind us? Yes, as counterintuitive as it may sound, many retirees choose to work – mostly on a limited basis – not because they have to but because they enjoy it. Almost half of canadian retirees have done some sort of many ways to make money post-retirement work, reporting that it provided them with purpose, social interaction – and a little extra spending money.

It goes without saying that it can be an extremely many ways to make money difficult time for the survivor. Having the right support in place is very important, and that includes support with financial matters. Because one spouse may be solely responsible for managing the many ways to make money household finances for a long time – given the growing number of centenarians in canada – it makes sense to plan ahead. Closing the knowledge gap

In a recent leger poll of 1,000 canadian women, the majority of whom were married, 38% felt they knew very little about issues related to finance many ways to make money and investment. 2 traditionally, husbands have made the financial and, especially, investment decisions. 3 yet women tend to live longer and are likely many ways to make money to one day inherit the financial responsibilities of the household.

Fortunately, preparing for this can be as easy as regularly involving many ways to make money both spouses in the family’s financial decisions. And, building the know-how and confidence to invest, budget and plan is something best experienced hands-on. Besides, there are several advantages to building your wealth, just like you did your family, together. Investing with balance

Wealth is a tool to achieve your goals, not a goal in and of itself. So, what are your goals as a couple? It’s a question best considered as a pair. Begin the discussion by each proposing a few short-term goals (e.G., suzie needs braces) and a few long-term objectives (e.G., buying a cottage). It could be that your goals are aligned. If so, that was easy. If not, it’s time to discuss and prioritize. Having well-thought-out ambitions to work towards as a couple make them many ways to make money that much more achievable as you begin to make the many ways to make money small and large decisions towards your collective goals. Sharing responsibility

Managing money can be stressful and time consuming, lending itself well to splitting tasks based on interest and many ways to make money strengths – or working together to tackle problems. Not only that, there’s a certain accountability. You and your partner can hold one another to your many ways to make money joint high standards, and ask yourselves, “are we on track?” the best part about working as a team? Reveling in the communal victory, be that on a beach in nice or on a many ways to make money monday morning at the cottage.

As it turns out, you don’t have to drink from a magic fountain to live many ways to make money to 100. Lifespans are growing, and canadians are creating a whole new meaning for the many ways to make money quiet 15 years of non-work that previous generations called “retirement.” now with several decades to look forward to, retirees are finding excitement, challenge and meaning in their lives by sharing time and many ways to make money work with their favourite charitable causes.

Canadians are beginning to think differently about the legacy they many ways to make money build in retirement. In the economist intelligence unit’s (EIU’s) recent survey of high-net-worth individuals, commissioned by RBC wealth management, 68% of respondents say the legacy they want to leave differs many ways to make money from their parents’. 1 where their parents might have aspired towards a hospital many ways to make money wing as a post-mortem namesake, respondents were more interested in taking a hands-on role in creating positive change. Instead of simply writing a charity into the will, this often means donating money and time throughout retirement, forming relationships with charities and having a seat at the many ways to make money table when important decisions are made.

“previous generations were motivated by duty, guilt and noblesse oblige,” says michael adams, president of environics research and an expert on wealth in many ways to make money canada. “religious and patriarchal values were their values when it came many ways to make money to legacy.” now, the growing trend seems to be supporting causes that address many ways to make money social, health or environmental problems – and having an active role in putting your money to many ways to make money work. Volunteer canada has noticed the same, reporting that baby boomers tend to seek meaningful volunteer activities many ways to make money and have consistently high rates of volunteering when compared with many ways to make money previous generations. 2

This is especially true because of our increasing life spans: 83 years and growing in canada. However, on average, only 72.6 years of that is spent in “full health.”* we are increasingly facing challenging health situations that may require many ways to make money us to ask for a little help managing our own many ways to make money affairs. What’s more, because of advances in health care, we’re living for much longer periods of time with these many ways to make money health situations.

Personal care: this type of POA appoints who will make personal and many ways to make money health-related decisions on your behalf regarding healthcare, medical treatment, housing, hygiene and more. In some provinces and territories, you can also write down health directives that dictate what many ways to make money course of action to take if you can no longer many ways to make money communicate your wishes. This can reduce the burden on your loved ones, who might otherwise have to make those decisions on their many ways to make money own. What happens without a valid POA?

Consider whether your potential POA is able to manage family many ways to make money conflict, and has the time and financial savvy to carry out many ways to make money your wishes. To be named a POA is often considered an honour, but family dynamics, lack of expertise, time constraints and personal liability can be concerns. If this is the case, you may wish to consider working with estate and trust many ways to make money professionals, who can support your chosen POA(s) and/or carry out directives objectively, professionally and compassionately on your behalf.