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Originally, cusick’s role on the passage was going to be much ways to make extra money smaller. “it was a guest role with a possible recurring because ways to make extra money I was on another show at the time, and it just so happened that they managed to work ways to make extra money it out that I could join that show full time. And I’m really delighted with the way it’s turned out. It’s a very rich and complex character,” cusick said, adding that he thinks that’s the case for every character on the series.

“I was of the same opinion, initially, that he was acting from good intentions. But as you [look] closer, I’m a bit suspect about his motives. Yes, he said he wanted to save his wife, and he wanted to do good for mankind. Yet, he’s a scientist; he must have been aware of his place in history, and he must have known what his legacy would have ways to make extra money been. So there’s a bit of ego there, and there’s selfishness,” cusick explained.

“he’s had many opportunities to end it. He could have killed fanning very early on, and yet he chose to experiment on him, saying that, ‘if I can just find a cure, then I can cure my wife.’ so he’s always been tempted by this carrot of finding the ways to make extra money cure, and he justifies it every time. And I’ve said this before, but if history were to judge him, whichever side wins, [he] would come out the worst.”

“he has an ego, [and it] just got the better of him, I think, and that was his downfall. I think he’s aware of that, and that’s where he is. He’s in a terrible place of guilt. He’s aware that he is the root of all of ways to make extra money this and possibly thinking, what I just said, how will history judge him? It must be an awful place to be for him, so he’s riddled with guilt and remorse and the what ifs.”

“at the heart of the show, it’s a really positive message. The dark and the light. And the heart of the show, the relationship between amy and brad, which is a beautiful love — a father-daughter, second chance relationship for brad and for amy. It’s a very positive one. I think when we get to the end of the ways to make extra money show, what you’ll see, everyone makes a decision. And ultimately we’re trying to survive. It has many things. It’s a post-apocalyptic survival show. It’s a vampire show. It’s relationships, a show with deep relationships with father-daughter. It has, which I really love this storyline, the doomed sort of bizarre love story between richards and ways to make extra money babcock. And the unfinished business between fanning and lear — they’re linked in some sort of eternal hate because somebody ways to make extra money loved somebody’s wife.”

“we had a little incident here in hawaii where, on a saturday morning at eight o’clock, we all were given [a warning.] phones and sirens and alarms went off saying, there’s a missile alert imminent. This is not a drill. This is not a drill. And the way people reacted is not the way — not everyone did the thing where you pack up your ways to make extra money things and head to find cover. A lot of people decided just to sit and look ways to make extra money at the sea. I wasn’t here at the time. I was in vancouver. But my wife phoned me with tears, saying ‘is this real?’ and trying to find out on the internet,” cusick recalled.

Even his own family didn’t react in the expected ways. “annie, my wife, said she was walking around the house with half packets ways to make extra money of oreos. Meanwhile, my oldest son soaked all the towels. My other son was looking for a particular white shirt. So we don’t know how we’ll react in these circumstances, and that I thought was really interesting. We all think we know what we’d do. I can imagine the audience saying, ‘well, why don’t they do this?’ we don’t really know what we’ll do at any given moment.”

“the show has gone by so quickly, but we’ve gotten to know a lot of characters, and sadly we will lose some people that we love, I think. So there are gonna be deaths. It’s a high-stakes show. There’s always going to be deaths. There’s going to be a lot of deaths by episode ways to make extra money ten,” cusick hinted. “if you’ve read the books, you know what’s coming.”