Offers to raven tuesday, may 14, 2019 good ways to make money

Amateur making of ceramic ware has in the west almost good ways to make money universally been taken over by the electric kiln. It’s a toaster, you switch it on. It controls the temperature. Exactly. The fire it gives is universal fire, ie. Heat from it’s ‘elements’. But alas, the flame is gone. So is the smoke, and the crackle and roar. The electric kiln supplies heat, but alas the love is gone.

But it need not be the case. For the electric kiln is an invitation to potters everywhere good ways to make money to deepen their understanding of fire, of energy, and where it comes from and how it’s made. We must know that to get that kiln to heat good ways to make money up, a fire is burning somewhere, in boiler supplying steam to a giant turbine, which turns the generators powering our city, or a nuclear reactor, or even our own sun producing the rainfall that turns good ways to make money water pressure into electricity.

We know the wealthy retreat into fearful isolation, into the counting house of their personal computers, where they measure wealth in shares of companies, with a very abstract total in dollars. Yet the dollar, and the stock in corporations are all fictitious wealth, less real than trees or fresh air, or a drink of cold water when it is hot.

Each of these changes to our media, towards pen and paper after impressing information on clay tablets, has brought about a own corresponding stress and change to good ways to make money our systems of government, to our cherished philosophies, and art. In short change is just that, change, and it disrupts everything. The disruptions are difficult, but we long for progress.

I’ve spent my life interested in how new forms of good ways to make money thinking are ushered in by new technologies, and newfound knowledge of nature, and am going to propose in this essay that a good ways to make money series of radical, perhaps violent, perhaps not, revolutions are about to take place, because of one simple fact. The machinery of the state, of systems of rule in western democracies and former socialist good ways to make money republics both, is broken, and beyond repair.

My tools have been a mess since my studio move good ways to make money from river street nearly two years ago. . . . Just one of those things I never got around to good ways to make money re-organizing. So I looked, and of course I have hundreds of pounds of hardware good ways to make money lying about in jars and boxes, but not one thing that could help me out. Unbelievable . . How did I let this happen? The pile on the floor looks like a hundred grandfather good ways to make money garage sales . . . But not one nut and bolt that could fit the good ways to make money job at hand.

So this idea floats along . . . Not a complete idea. It hits me that my dream work relies upon the good ways to make money same equation . . . . A pile of ‘facts’ is something that I then subject to a some sort good ways to make money of derivation process. The closest analogy I can come up with is fussing good ways to make money with the gain on an oscilloscope, or watching the body of a bird turn to a good ways to make money skeletal wraith in twenty frames of film.

I got out my little stick welder. Usually the thought of welding steel would have given me good ways to make money a woodie, seriously welding is one of the only things that rivals good ways to make money sex . . For a man. But today this ironing board was really stressing me out, and my potency as a welder did not seem to good ways to make money be bearing at all on the issue at hand. A ten-dollar ironing board had devoured most of my morning.

They say a craftsperson’s skill may be measured by the number of tools good ways to make money he or she requires to do a job. The fewer tools, the better. When making pots the tools I prefer to use are good ways to make money just my fingers. Sometimes I’ll break out a small stick or a blade of good ways to make money some kind. . . But I prefer my hands, my fingers, the flaps of skin between them for round pots.

Information is the derivative of reality. And reality is the integral of information. It can be no other way. The mycelium devours a stump and leaves a husk of good ways to make money rot . .. A sierpinski solid if you like, or the maine coast with no maine at all, no mass of rock, but infinite area. . . Such that a mere sneeze dislodges a milky way of good ways to make money spores. What fungus of information gathering devours me?

Examine a virus . . . It’s fairly obvious how a virus grows and reproduces. Yes it mutates, but it’s a survival of the fittest situation, and thus viruses and bacteria (less so in my opinion) are perfect subjects for applying the principles of darwinian evolution. Whole populations come into being do their simple one way good ways to make money ‘script’ of infecting or whatever and then die. But it’s a kind of xerox machine where the copy has good ways to make money a coat.

We just assume that our gametes reflect in a medelian good ways to make money sort of fashion, our DNA. But who has counted the genes in our sperm, not just one, but millions to see if the percentages are the same good ways to make money as they would be with a virus. I don’t believe they are, and I think the only way our bodies could computationally good ways to make money ‘favor’ a mutation on one area rather than another is by good ways to make money some trick of protein folding, and that that process, viewed from the perspective of the entire organism, is a computer.

. . . But there have to be some ‘tricks’ of protein folding that essentially use the ‘data’ in our genome run a script. This is logical, because that’s what happens when proteins are made. The script I’m talking about is something much more fundemental and is good ways to make money exploiting the computational protential of all our DNA to essentially good ways to make money ‘stack the odds’ when it comes to gamete creation. I’m not sure how this is happenening, but something like it has to be happening. In other words our DNA is a form of computer, more advanced than we’ve credited it to date, that using the body as a host machine. I don’t need to be proven wrong, because if this is not in the news in the good ways to make money next few years I am wrong, because definititionally for my idea to work there’d have to be bio-feedback from the environment to the computational potential in our good ways to make money DNA. I’m not saying genes because we haven’t mapped genes everywhare on our DNA. And nor have we taken into account what happens when good ways to make money proteins and DNA folds, unexpectedly.

F you had a car, that was as complex and incredible as say a human good ways to make money being . . . It would certainly be able to run a status report good ways to make money on itself at any time. This is logical. No organism of such complexity can emerge without information flow good ways to make money back from the enviornment. Yes we have it in ‘mommy I feel sick’ and those sort of system notices. But what happens to our gamete production when we actually good ways to make money get sick. And what happens when we exhert ourselves in long distance good ways to make money running. Wouldn’t it be absolutely logical for the gamete production logic good ways to make money to get a message that ‘whatever you’ve got in the metabolism improvement category time to run good ways to make money that one now!” and this doesn’t just speed sugar uptake, but rather it changes, albeit slightly the gamete composition. It is not random and medelian.

That’s my theory. . . . . And all I have to suggest it is the incredibly good ways to make money rapid evolutionary progress of complex organisms. How is it that humans evolved much more quickly than good ways to make money the reptiles . . . . In an extinction event it’s the survivors of those that can change the characteristics good ways to make money of their offspring that have the best chance of passing good ways to make money on yes I’ll say it . . . . Genes and much more than genes.

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