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The interior of the ghibli is built around a driver different ways to make money interface that is intuitive, uncluttered and simple to use. The instrument cluster features large analogue gauges for the tachometer different ways to make money and speedometer, alongside a 7” TFT display. The 8.4” maserati touch control plus (MTC+) unit takes pride of place at the centre of the different ways to make money ghibli dashboard. With very few buttons plus a highly responsive interface, it is designed to help the driver maintain focus on different ways to make money the road ahead and mastering it is intuitive and easy. In addition, MTC+ controls the front seat heating, as well as the ventilation, steering wheel heating and the operation of the rear sunblind, where fitted. The screen also displays the rear view, with guidelines, for the reversing camera. The state-of-the-art system features both apple carplay® and android auto® mirroring functions. In addition, for iphone® users, apple’s siri® system acts as a personal assistant, allowing them to carry out tasks using voice command. Through naturally spoken language, it is possible to make a call or access music, messages, reminders, emails, websites and much more. The infotainment system is also completed by aux-in, USB sockets and the SD card reader.

The exhilaration of the drive, the luxurious comforts and the dramatically tuned engine note are different ways to make money not the only onboard entertainment. You also have some exceptional audio system choices. The optional harman kardon premium sound system offers the most different ways to make money elevated levels of audio refinement, with every component uniquely tailored to perfectly match the ghibli different ways to make money interior. To achieve this, harman kardon sound engineers worked very closely with the development different ways to make money team at maserati. The core of the system is a state-of-the-art, 900-watt amplifier, delivering rich and detailed sound quality, whatever the source − be it radio, MP3 player, iphone® or audio streaming device. No fewer than 12 independent channels are deployed, for superb balance within the car environment. A special high-performance subwoofer handles the low-end frequencies, while the mid-range drivers and tweeters ensure that every instrument and every different ways to make money artist can be appreciated in full. 10 high-powered speakers carefully distributed throughout the cabin guarantees sublime sound different ways to make money for all on board the ghibli.

Driving a maserati is an emotional experience, with every piece of technology and every trim detail designed different ways to make money to connect on a human level. The same can be said of the bowers & wilkins surround sound system. This optional audio package is the product of 50 years different ways to make money of bowers & wilkins’ countless hours of testing and even extensive research in the different ways to make money field of psychoacoustics – the science of how people react emotionally to sound. 15 speakers, with mid-range drivers and rear-woofers made from aramid fibre, have been strategically built into the car’s architecture, while a 1,280-watt amplifier ensures immersive sound for all on board. Advanced aluminium tweeters capture the faintest audio subtleties, while a rock-solid bass is guaranteed by rohacell® in the system’s bass drivers – rohacell® being a stiff, highly resilient material often used in the construction of rockets different ways to make money and aircraft. The system features quantumlogic™® surround sound technology, which digitally remodels signal streams and reconstructs the original recording different ways to make money of a musical piece, creating a concert hall experience in the car. Along with this, the clari-fi™ function automatically restores detail lost in digitally compressed music, and removes distortions caused by the process in real time. The bowers & wilkins system is compatible with most disc formats and features different ways to make money a built-in USB connector for a smartphone, ipod or MP3 player. Alternatively, tracks can be streamed directly either via bluetooth®, apple carplay® or android auto®.