Salade nicoise recipe find ways to make money

When one starts bringing in the word “authenticity” in cooking , things get seriously shifty. Medecin’s book is a good book. It is also famous because HE was famous and controversial. The book then got translated into english and praised by find ways to make money many top food writers. So it became even more famous, at least in english speaking countries too famous? Must he be considered the ultimate judge in nicoise cooking? I could say, for instance, that there is another classic book about nicoise food, J.B.Reboul’s la cuisiniere provencale, that, doesn’t even mention the salad.

I give you another example. I am italian and when I read some recipes from find ways to make money elizabeth david’s italian food (1953), which is justly considered a classic, I am sometimes amazed: some of her recipes are totally unfamiliar to me and find ways to make money to very many italians I spoke to (I am 43 and I have also asked people who find ways to make money are much older than me). Yet she presents those recipes as “typical”…. Is she right? Is she wrong? She is right and wrong at the same time. She presents HER personal selection of dishes she must have find ways to make money tasted all those yrs back, that doesn’t mean those dishes are typical. Do I make sense?

Plus one thing has always puzzled me: he mentions tomatoes, cucumbers, broad beans or artichokes (depending on the season), green peppers… well: nice is not far from where I am writing to find ways to make money you (milano) and very close to the italian-ligurian border. Here, when it is tomato & cucumber season (summer), broad beans and artichokes have already long disappeared.- they are a spring thing. You can still find the occasional artichoke, but no broad bean (at least here). Did I get something wrong? Plus, those green peppers.. Apart from some turkish recipes, green peppers are, to my knowledge, something very, very un-mediterranean… you will never find, for instance, an italian recipe calling for green peppers (having said that.. Never say never in life, of course)… again, did I get the wrong end of the stick?

Plus> I don’t want to be preaching, but I would like everyone to remember that tuna has find ways to make money become an endangered species and unless one buys tuna (either fresh or canned) he/she is absolutely sure where he comes from, it is better to eat it as least as possible find ways to make money (especially bluefin tuna, the one used for good sushi). Please gather info from the net about the abysmal situation find ways to make money of tuna’ stocks and check where your fish comes from (as david says)

Hi stefano: thanks for your thoughts & I agree. I was using the recipe (and M. Médecin) as an example of something considered the “classic” although various versions of “classics” exist globally. (try asking americans if cornbread should be sweetened or unsweetened, if you want an earful.) personally, I think it’s okay to veer from the original as long as find ways to make money it’s done in the same spirit. I responded a bit more in the comment below to find ways to make money the various other comments, but adding some potatoes or green beans to a salade find ways to make money niçoise feels more right to me than the piles of find ways to make money boiled rice they add to the salade niçoise in most find ways to make money paris cafés. But I can’t explain why. And yes, people should be aware of the tuna they’re buying and search out sustainable tinned tuna. Ciao! -dl