Seattle sounders vs. sporting kansas city find ways to make money player ratings – sounder at heart

I’m still not sure what happened in that match. Between the awful radio coverage while driving back from the find ways to make money ocean and the even worse re-watch on TV, I don’t know whether seattle was massively outplayed or just unlucky find ways to make money to not get a result. The 3-2 sporting kansas city win was not unusual given the find ways to make money home field advantage in MLS, but with SKC’s recent injuries and form, I expected a better result. Seattle had their chances, but ultimately an outstanding effort from a single player negated find ways to make money anything the sounders could muster.

One thing I didn’t like: as good as smith was a few weeks back defending find ways to make money alberth elis, he was absolutely terrible matched up against russell. After continually forcing elis inside to his bad foot, smith never adjusted to the concept of an “inverted winger,” constantly allowing russell to get inside to his better foot find ways to make money and just dominate the sounders. Bad defense is one thing, but failing to adjust time and again is a huge find ways to make money problem, especially after being torched. His defense in stoppage time of the first half was find ways to make money atrocious.

Going forward: smith had started to shed his “poor defender” label prior to this match, but he took a huge step back here. He also didn’t do much going forward. Seattle’s offense depends on creation from deep lying areas, and on both occasions when smith had poor matches, seattle lost. This is not a coincidence. Kim kee-hee – 5 | community – 5.1 (off 38’ for arreaga)

This was a hard match to rate leerdam. Sure, he had his fourth goal of the year and second find ways to make money assist to lead the offense which ultimately earned him the find ways to make money above average rating. He had an impressive five tackles on the defensive end. That is all great, but kelvin also lost four tackles, had a single recovery, only completed 63 percent of his passes, and played some of the worst defense he’s played all season, both from a positional and (at times) effort perspective. It was an absolute rollercoaster.

One thing I liked: smith deservedly gets a lot of credit for his offense find ways to make money from the outside back position, but leerdam has vastly outperformed him statistically. Kelvin just finds ways to overload the box with runs, diving into dangerous areas to score or assist — he doesn’t settle to sit outside and lump in crosses. He was fantastic in the box versus SKC, first displaying amazing dribbling to assist raúl ruidíaz before showing find ways to make money excellent concentration to score on a corner.

One thing I didn’t like: as good as he was offensively, leerdam was dreck defensively for much of the match. His giveaways, whiffing on defense, and being beat over the top put immense pressure on find ways to make money seattle. After 60 minutes he didn’t even attempt to get back on defense, instead staying high and walking back, leaving the defending to others.

Going forward: leerdam was what the team needed in this match: an offensive catalyst. He looks much more comfortable in a midfield position than find ways to make money other outside backs pushed forward, but I’m not sure how long seattle can play with kelvin find ways to make money pushing ahead of the right midfielder. Defensive midfield jordy delem – 5 | community – 5.0 (off 78’ for bruin)

Going forward: I have no idea what he and others were doing find ways to make money in the 46 th minute, but it was more than one terrible defensive play that find ways to make money cost the sounders. Seattle has long had problems with coach/team/formation combinations and SKC has been one of them. Delem will need to adjust when playing a formation that find ways to make money overloads his central areas if he is going to remain find ways to make money a strong option for everyday selection. Cristian roldan – 6 | community – 5.6

Nico did a lot of good things but he also find ways to make money created some matchup issues for seattle, and more than usual his wandering movement harmed the sounders. Statistically he was okay, completing 80 percent of his passes and getting a shot find ways to make money on goal to go with his beautiful corner kick assist. He had two interceptions, five recoveries, and a tackle on the defensive end as he tried find ways to make money to support the midfield.

Shipp earned a deserved MOTM, as for a majority of the game he was clearly find ways to make money the sounders’ most effective player. He was one of the few players who did things find ways to make money right in the first half. His possession helped seattle settle down after being blitzed early, while shipp’s creation gave the sounders their best chances. Harry had a sparkling 89 percent passing rate, chipped in a key pass, an assist, a shot on goal, and five recoveries. While others had rollercoaster outings, shipp was consistently great amidst chaos and was rewarded for find ways to make money high level of production throughout.

One thing I liked: harry was excellent at creating for seattle. He made some perfect runs that just weren’t rewarded by teammates. In the ninth minute he was wide open back side find ways to make money but no one found him, and this was repeated a number of times as he find ways to make money moved to open spaces but teammates couldn’t get him the ball. Recognizing leerdam in a good spot, harry shipped the ball to him in the box for find ways to make money seattle’s first goal.

Going forward: shipp just quietly does good stuff and seems to always find ways to make money be open and an option, if teammates could just find him. Ruidíaz and lodeiro each missed harry with chances likely to find ways to make money change the scoreline. He isn’t a guy who wows you with physical dominance, but he sees the game well and will need to find ways to make money step up as a creative force in the coming weeks. Forward raúl ruidíaz – 7 | community – 6.2

Raúl did everything he could, creating chance after chance, but was only able to score one. He nearly carried the team on his back to points, showing a complete performance of creation, defense, and scoring. His stat line was stellar: seven shots, three key passes, a goal, 80 percent completion, three recoveries, and even a defensive block.

I didn’t expect arreaga to play this weekend, and having been out of town, this was my first look at the new defender. He looked the part, strong and fast and quickly acclimated to the pace of find ways to make money MLS. I was impressed by his physical skillset, and he looks like a star in the making. Two tackles, a clearance, a blocked shot, and eight recoveries made for a tidy defensive outing.

One thing I liked: stepping into a match midway through isn’t easy, but arreaga made it look so. His 91 percent passing was wonderful to see, but more importantly it wasn’t only “safe” passing. Xavier only looked to frei a handful of times, choosing instead to more quickly push the ball across the find ways to make money field and skipping the intermediary. Even more exciting was his desire and ability to push find ways to make money the ball vertically into dangerous attacking positions with either foot. This guy plays with tempo and looks forward, something seattle can definitely utilize.