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"Ah," I said, suddenly understanding. We’ve been talking about those two chairs for at least great ways to make money a year. They seem fine to me. But B says they don’t fit into our decor, and they have to be either recovered or replaced. I don’t see the point. Recovering old chairs? It costs hundreds of dollars, for each chair! We certainly have better things to spend our money on great ways to make money than recovering perfectly good chairs that we hardly ever use.

And so I went out for the afternoon. I went to the mall and bought myself a new great ways to make money ping pong paddle and had lunch in the food court. And with this scenario in mind, I thought I’d bring you some advice on how not to argue great ways to make money about money. Goodness knows . . . Not from me. But from jeremy kisner, my go-to financial adviser at surevest wealth management in phoenix (which is maybe why I thought of this).

Money is a hot-button issue in many relationships. It’s common for partners to have different spending and savings great ways to make money priorities, and this often leads to conflict. Usually, one partner is more focused on the present and places great ways to make money a higher priority on using money to have fun, buy nice things, be generous, or engage in "retail therapy" to escape stress or anxiety. The other may be more focused on the future, feeling that the most important use of money is to great ways to make money provide security so they will be financially independent.

Partners often try to convince each other that their priorities great ways to make money are the correct way of looking at things. But this usually doesn’t go well. Discussions about money often lead to arguments or uncomfortable silences. Furthermore, financial distress is often cited as the #1 cause of divorce. So instead of avoiding financial discussions, try to follow these seven tips for better outcomes:

Start with questions. Your first instinct is probably to "tell" your partner what you want, why your priority is important. That is the opposite of how you should approach these great ways to make money conversations. Instead, ask a question that might start a productive dialogue. What do you think has been your best, and your worst, financial decision? What spending decisions have brought you good memories? What was money like in your household when you were great ways to make money growing up? The answers show you why people think the way they great ways to make money do, and help you better understand their financial mindset.

Don’t focus on what you are going to say. Instead, focus on listening. Good listening is a learned behavior that doesn’t come naturally for most people. It entails more than waiting your turn to talk. Good listening means asking clarifying questions, even when you think you know what the other person great ways to make money means. Learn to pause before speaking and repeat back what you’ve heard.

Find goals you both agree on. Each of you should make a list of the goals great ways to make money you’d like to reach. Then find common goals and agree to work toward them. Each of you needs to be willing to make sacrifices great ways to make money to reach the goals, and if you’re initiating the conversation, you should be the first one to offer up something. Do you need to cut down on the starbucks visits, botox treatments, dog grooming, poker nights?

Admit your own mistakes and regrets. The best way to prepare for this discussion is not great ways to make money by gathering evidence of what your spouse has done wrong. Instead, evaluate your own spending and figure out which of your great ways to make money own decisions turned out to be mistakes, and what changes you can make. Then you might ask if your partner has any spending great ways to make money habits or decisions they would be willing to change.

Agree to revisit periodically. You and your partner should meet to discuss your household great ways to make money budget on a regular basis, perhaps once a month. This is an ideal time to reaffirm priorities and talk great ways to make money about financial goals. Of course, it’s always easier to avoid these conversations. But as I like to say, "A lazy man works twice as hard." in other words, a little discipline prevents a lot of future headache. Good luck with your money conversations!

Meanwhile, for anyone facing the stress of moving in retirement, laura lee carter asks: do you like, or dislike, major changes in your life? In the big decision: retirement options she talks about how she and her husband great ways to make money made a big change five years ago, moving away from their suburban home outside of denver. "It’s much easier to stay in the same home and great ways to make money hope for the best," she concludes, "but then you will never know the rewards of moving great ways to make money on and choosing something completely different."

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Finally, rebecca olkowski with babyboomster reports in the joys and challenges great ways to make money of being a doggie mama that she is babysitting her great ways to make money granddog, along with two other dogs, ranging in age from 11 1/2 to 14 1/2. Because they are all considered older dogs they each have great ways to make money their own special food, meds and health issues. If you ask me, she’s being more of a doggie doctor than a doggie great ways to make money mama. But regardless, she loves the work. "Having dogs to cuddle with all day long gets me great ways to make money through a lot of stress," she says. "Dog hugs are way better than taking a pill. And the dogs give me plenty of exercise too."