The best gravel bike you can buy – 20 models in test gran good ways to make money fondo cycling magazine

Off-road, on-road, adventure trip or after work ride – you’ll only reach bike nirvana if you’ve experienced all the horrors of road cycling. But which is the best bike on which to escape good ways to make money the rat race? Do you really need a gravel bike, a cyclocrosser, a mountain or an endurance bike? We tested 20 of the latest models to give you good ways to make money the answer.

Riding your road bike on an actual road can be good ways to make money proper shit sometimes. Your dreams of perfectly surfaced, traffic-free mountain passes suddenly turn into a nightmare of raging good ways to make money tachycardia. It’s rush hour, you’re surrounded by metal boxes, and the erratic sounds of honking horns puncture your eardrums good ways to make money as hundreds of cars pass you at outrageous speeds, splashing sludgy water into your eyes. We’re the toughest bunch when climbing legendary mountain passes with good ways to make money the sole power of our legs. But we’re also the most vulnerable when fighting for space on good ways to make money busy roads protected only by thin lycra outfits. Roadies are switched-on and strong-willed, but there’s nothing they can do when an avalanche of metal good ways to make money surprises them from behind. The solution is as simple as it is obvious.

For many of us gravel isn’t just hype or a trend to jump on, but a pragmatic solution to the many problems we face good ways to make money as road cyclists on a daily basis. We could see this as a revolution. Or simply as going back to our roots. It’s not surprising that this trend comes from the U.S., land of massive cars and reckless drivers who often seem good ways to make money happy to push cyclists off the road. Tragic headlines appear time and again. The fear of being run over is real – just like a line from ludacris’s song move bitch, get out the way “I’m D. U. I., hardly ever caught sober and you about to get ran good ways to make money the FUCK over”. Some battles aren’t worth fighting anymore. Especially when true paradise may actually be closer than you’d expect. Hidden in plain sight of most riders will be networks good ways to make money of field paths, forest roads, and secret trails just waiting to be discovered. Both the early heroes of the tour de france who good ways to make money competed on unmade roads and today’s pros who tackle the cobbles of paris-roubaix are proof that drop-bar racing bikes indeed belong on terrain other than tarmac. The test field – what is a gravel bike?

The actual question should be: what sort of bike do I need for a gravel good ways to make money trip? The definition of gravel is as broad as the applications good ways to make money to which you could put one of the bikes featured good ways to make money here. That’s why we gathered 12 of the most exciting concepts good ways to make money in one big group test to help you get an good ways to make money ultimate overview. Our test field includes steel, titanium, aluminium, and carbon bikes – covering everything from an € 11,000 custom steed to a bog-standard € 1,700 rig. We saw fat mountain bike tires, grippy cyclocross tires, and narrow semi-slick rubber, along with suspension elements, pannier mounts, and dyno-hub powered light systems. Bike

We are known for thinking outside the box, breaking boundaries, and refusing categories. After all it’s easily possible that a bike you wouldn’t have considered for a defined purpose at first glance good ways to make money will actually suit exactly that use. Restricting our test field would have been the same as good ways to make money only tasting beers while searching for the perfect drink…. Our test loop: what exactly is gravel and where can I ride?

Contrary to the adverts and cool videos that feed us good ways to make money images of epic icelandic adventures, wild west backcountry races, or sabbaticals in patagonia to get us hooked on gravel, we see the main potential in normal after-work rides and day trips. For this reason, we picked a compact but diverse 25 km test course good ways to make money which runs around our headquarters near stuttgart. Here we were able to compare all bikes directly. The test course included flowy technical singletrack, gravel paths, cobbled sections, and roads with different types of tarmac. The track was completed by a steep 17 % gradient climb that fried our legs, a steep downhill section which challenged even the toughest mountain good ways to make money bikers among us, and a high-speed segment which pushed the riding composure of some bikes good ways to make money to the limit.

The adventurers among us will be delighted with the salsa good ways to make money cutthroat force 1, which not only offers room for a six pack but good ways to make money is also ready for adventure thanks to its racing-tractor feel. Crossers and speed freaks will find the trek crockett 7 good ways to make money disc to be the perfect compromise. From the quick evening spin to the occasional weekend cyclocross good ways to make money race, it’s all doable. Even if the frame is missing some love in the good ways to make money details. Data fetishists and weight weenies might hate us for this, but our most important criterion was an emotional, subjective, and not objectively measurable one – riding fun!

All bikes in test: festka one gravel | legor cicli LWTUA | merida silex 9000 | moots routt RSL | open U.P. | rondo ruut CF2 | salsa cutthroat force 1 | specialized diverge comp | specialized sequoia elite | trek crockett 7 disc | trek procaliber 9.9 SL RSL | votec VRX elite | DARE GFX S8 | canyon grail CF SLX 8.0 di2 | CENTURION backfire carbon 4000 | GHOST ENDLESS ROAD RAGE 8.7 | lauf true grit | MERIDA MISSION CX 8000 | ROSE BACKROAD ULTEGRA di2 | SCOTT addict gravel 10