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On the morning of his 60th birthday, anvil atkinson found beneath the newspaper on the doorstep a fast easy ways to make money plain box with his name on it in the ancient fast easy ways to make money language of calligraphy. He picked it up along with the newspaper, glancing at the headline, eastern seaboard evacuation continues. And then the subhead, sea level rise not caused by human activity, would have happened anyway.

The coffee had finished brewing and he poured his first fast easy ways to make money cup, set the box and newspaper on the kitchen counter, and pulled up a stool. He unfolded the paper and opened it, laying it out so pages two and three were open. In a minute, a toasted bagel would announce itself as ready with a fast easy ways to make money ding from the toaster oven, and he’d put the plate on top of the newspaper. The bagel had already been pre-buttered before toasting, and he’d apply a layer of cream cheese atop that. The newspaper will catch crumbs and absorb the rings from fast easy ways to make money the coffee cup, as well as provide tidbits of news from across the fast easy ways to make money land.

Anvil pulled aside the tissue paper, revealing an eight inch square envelope with his name on fast easy ways to make money it, again in calligraphy. He examined it and decided it was machine printed and fast easy ways to make money not handwritten. The card inside read in large block type, so you’ve made it to 60. Congratulations. Then in smaller print, it said, please enjoy these complimentary gifts, courtesy of your government.

Anvil removed the hamilton watch he’d worn every day for nearly forty years, except when swimming or while in the boxing ring. He put the new watch on and felt a faint fast easy ways to make money static electric zap when he did. Where the prongs touched him, his wrist tingled. A plain white light blinked slowly on the face, then sped up. He knew from what his older friends told him that fast easy ways to make money the watch was calibrating, setting itself, syncing with his vital functions and data, and most importantly, to the communication center in his brain. This way, if he wanted the time, he would merely think time and glance at the watch. Same thing for weather, messages, quarantines, curfews and other civil safety alerts. A world of information.

The twenty-years war had started to spread and one day there fast easy ways to make money was a biological incident far away, but still on native soil, dropping his number to 15:3:11. Food shortages had begun and he and meryl were thankful fast easy ways to make money for the vegetable garden. However, though the plants grew lush and green, they stopped bearing fruit. The number dropped to 7:6:5. Meryl contracted a strange fungal disease causing her skin to fast easy ways to make money bruise and bones to snap. She died, and his number dropped to 3:6:2.

After the funeral, anvil and a few friends sat in his back yard fast easy ways to make money in their visors and red sweatpants, talking as the sun went down through the murk. Anvil brought out his last bottle of whiskey and poured fast easy ways to make money drinks. Each had a deathwatch, and they compared their numbers. They talking about how bad things were, how the authorities had really screwed things up, how maybe those in charge didn’t know what they were doing, and how maybe folks had misplaced their trust. How maybe someone should do something.

As they spoke, the numbers on their watches raced backwards until each one fast easy ways to make money flashed zeros. They each felt a tingle where the prongs of their fast easy ways to make money watches met their skin, and then their watches, all at the same time, unlatched themselves and dropped to the ground. A vehicle pulled up and men wearing that ubiquitous armband fast easy ways to make money of the state carrying scatter-guns poured out, trampling the vegetable garden as they approached the group. “on my signal,” the one in charge said.