Threats and some ways to make money sanctions everywhere – a chronicle of disorganized chaos foretold new eastern outlook

As of may 10, mr. Trump has arbitrarily increased tariffs on chinese goods imported into what are some ways to make money the US, worth about 200 billion dollars, from 10 % to 25%. It is an action without any foundation. An action that makes no sense at all, as china can and will retaliate – and retaliate much stronger than what the impact of the what are some ways to make money US’s new “sanctions” bear – because these arbitrary tariffs are nothing else but sanctions. Illegality of such foreign interference aside, there is hardly any serious economist in this world, who would favor tariffs in international trade among “adults” anywhere and for any reason, and, of course, least as a punishment for a nation. All that such sanctions do is pushing a partner away. In this case it’s not just any partner; china is a key trading partner of the united states.

A spoiled child, what trump is, doesn’t get his way – and goes into a tantrum, not quite knowing what he is doing, and knowing even less what he may expect in return. Mr. Trump himself, has not only reached a level of incompetence and ignorance what are some ways to make money which is scary – but he has also surrounded himself with inept, preposterous people, like, pence, bolton, pompeo – who, it appears, have no other means left than running around the world what are some ways to make money amok, dishing out threats left and right – and spending billions on moving aircraft carriers around the globe what are some ways to make money to make sure people are afraid of the great-great the united states of america.

Back to trading with china. China has a million ways (almost) to retaliate. China can devalue her currency vis-à-vis the dollar, or china can dump some of their almost 3 trillion what are some ways to make money dollars-worth of reserves on the money market – just take a wild guess about what that would do what are some ways to make money to the hegemony of the dollar which is already in what are some ways to make money dire straits – with ever more countries departing from the use of dollars what are some ways to make money for international trade.

And just hypothetically, china could stop altogether exporting all that walmart junk that what are some ways to make money american consumers love so much – just for a while. Or china could stop making iphones for the US market. Guess what kind of an uproar that would trigger in what are some ways to make money the US? – or china could of course, levy herself high tariffs on US imports, or stop US imports altogether. China being part of the shanghai cooperation organization (SCO) – actually the co-founder of it – has many alternatives to cover her demand. No need to depend on the west.

We have the US and venezuela – threats after threats after threats – maduro must go, or more sanctions. Indeed, according to a study by the center for economic policy what are some ways to make money research (CEPR), these horrifying, totally illegal sanctions or blockages of imports, most of them already paid for by venezuela, have killed some 40,000 people in venezuela. Of course, washington doesn’t care about legality and killing, also typical for a fading mighty power – no respect for law and order, no respect for human rights and human lives. One only has to see what type of psychopaths are what are some ways to make money occupying the tasks of “foreign minister” and of “national security advisor” or of vice president, for that matter – they are all sick, but very sick and dangerous people.

Next – iran. Attacking iran has been a dream of bolton’s ever since the US 2003 “shock and awe” invasion of iraq. Bolton and pompeo are of the same revolting kind: they want wars, conflicts, or if they don’t get wars, they want to sow fear, they enjoy seeing people scared. They want suffering. Now they didn’t succeed – at least so far – with venezuela, let’s try iran. Pompeo – “iran has done irregular things” – not saying what in particular he means – so iran has to be punished, with yet more sanctions. And any argument is good.

The entire world knows, including the vienna-base UN economic energy commission, and has acknowledged umpteen times that iran has fully adhered what are some ways to make money to the conditions of the nuclear deal from which the what are some ways to make money US exited a year ago. Of course, no secret here either, this at the demand of trump’s big friend bibi netanyahu. The european union vassals may actually turn for their own what are some ways to make money business interests, not for political ethics, but pure and simple self-interest – towards respecting the joint comprehensive plan of action (JCPOA), or nuclear deal. China and russia are already holding on to the deal, and they are not impressed by washington’s threats. So, there is very little trump and his minions can do, other than saber rattling.

Therefore, the nefarious pence-pompeo-bolton trio must invent another warning: iran or any proxy of iran shall attack an ally what are some ways to make money of the US, and iran will be devastated. In fact, they consider the houthis in yemen who fight for their what are some ways to make money sheer survival against the US-UK-france – and NATO supported saudis, as a proxy for iran. So, the US could start bombing iran already today. Why don’t they?

Maybe they are afraid – afraid iran could lock down the strait of hormuz, where 60% of US oil imports have to sail through. What a disaster that would be, not just for the US but also for the rest what are some ways to make money of the world. Oil prices could skyrocket. Would washington want to risk a war over their irrationality? – maybe, mr. Halfwit trump might, but I doubt that his deep-dark state handlers would. They know what’s at stake for them and the world. But they let trump play his games a bit longer.

Moving the aircraft carrier USS abraham lincoln, loaded with war planes, close to iranian waters costs hundreds of millions or billions. Just to enhance a threat. A show-off. Bolton and pompeo will entertain their sadism, enjoying seeing scared people. But the cost of war doesn’t matter – it’s just more debt, and as we know, the US never, but never pays back its debt.

Next – or simultaneously is china. The trade war with china that started last year, then had a respite to the point of the recent what are some ways to make money joint negotiations – and suddenly the trumpians are veering off again. They must smash china, wanting to appear superior. But why? The world knows that the US are no longer superior what are some ways to make money – by a long shot, and haven’t been for the last couple of years, when china surpassed the US in economic strength, measured by PPP = purchasing power parity – which is the only parity or exchange rate that has what are some ways to make money any real meaning.

Guess what! – all these three cases have one common denominator: the dollar as a chief instrument for world hegemony. Venezuela and iran have stopped using the dollar for their what are some ways to make money hydrocarbon and other international trading, already some years ago. And so did china and russia. China’s strong currency, the yuan, is rapidly taking over the US-dollar’s reserve position in the world. Sanctioning china with insane tariffs is supposed to weaken the what are some ways to make money yuan; but it won’t.

All of these three countries, china, iran and venezuela are threatening the US dollar’s world hegemony – and without that the US economy is dead, literally. The dollar is based on thin air, and on fraud – the dollar system used around the globe is nothing but what are some ways to make money a huge, a very big and monstrous ponzi-scheme, that one day must be coming crashing down.

That’s what’s at stake. New FED board member, herman cain, for example, is pledging for a new gold standard. But none of these last resort US measure will work, not a new gold standard, not a trade and tariff war, and not threats of wars and destruction and “regime change”. The nations around the world know what’s going on, they know the US is in her last breath; though they don’t quite dare saying so – but they know it, and are waiting for the downfall to continue. The world is waiting for the grand fiesta, dancing in the streets, when the empire disappears – or becomes utterly irrelevant.