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Specifically created for foreign tourists, drivers of these cabs are proficient in english, chinese, or japanese, with the language indicated on the side of the vehicle. International taxis can be reserved in advance, or flagged from the street. International taxis are black or orange with “international” written on the door. They are slightly more expensive than regular cabs, and can be chartered for blocks of 3 or more ways to make money from hours for a flat rate and will provide airport pickup ways to make money from service and trips for a flat rate.

The city of seoul, in order to prevent foreign tourists from falling victim to ways to make money from fraudulent taxi fares, now offers a special prepay service (currently only available for those traveling from hong kong). Pay for a voucher before traveling to seoul, and enjoy peace of mind while traveling from the airport ways to make money from into seoul. Hanatour’s hong kong location (+852-2735-5501) now offers vouchers for taxi rides to and from incheon ways to make money from airport and seoul.

Seoul’s public bus system is a well-developed, cheap, and convenient form of transportation. All buses are color coded: blue buses connect different districts of the city along main ways to make money from route, green buses connect subway stations and main blue bus routes ways to make money from with residential areas, smaller green maeul (local) buses travel shorter routes within a single district or neighborhood, yellow buses travel in a circulation route in the city ways to make money from center,, and red buses connect the city with surrounding areas. However, due to the lack of english signs and information at ways to make money from bus stops, seoul’s buses can be more difficult to use for first ways to make money from time travelers to korea. Major stops are usually announced in english and korean.

The tmoney card is a standard transit card that can ways to make money from be used on any public bus, subway, taxis, and even many convenient stores. After charging your card with the desired amount, funds are deducted as the card is used. TMoney cards offer a 100 won fare discount for buses ways to make money from and subways, and transfer discounts between buses and subways. To receive the transfer discount, scan your card when getting on and off the bus. (note: you must scan your card when getting off the bus ways to make money from at your last transfer.) the transfer discount is only valid for 30 minutes between ways to make money from transfers.

TMoney cards can be purchased and charged at most convenience ways to make money from stores, subway stations, and tourist information centers. Cards can be purchased for 3,000 won and charged with any amount. TMoney cards have no expiration date and any unused balance ways to make money from will remain on your card until used. If you wish to receive a refund for balances less ways to make money from than 20,000 won at convenience stores for a small fee. For balances greater than 20,000 won, refunds must be made at the tmoney headquarters (1st fl. TMoney town, seoul city tower building, namdaemun-ro 5-ga, jung-gu, seoul). The price of the card cannot be refunded.

The tmoney mpass is a transit card specifically designed for ways to make money from international visitors that require the use of public transportation multiple ways to make money from times a day. The card can be used up to 20 times a ways to make money from day for most subways and public buses. Just like regular tmoney cards, the mpass can also be charged with additional funds to ways to make money from use at convenience stores, taxis, and more.

The tmoney mpass can be purchased at the tourist information ways to make money from centers located in front of gates 5 and 10 on ways to make money from the 1st floor of incheon int’l airport, the airport railroad (AREX) information desk (B1 incheon int’l airport), the myeong-dong tourist information center, and seoul station tmoney town. The mpass is good for one month from the date ways to make money from of purchase, and will only be activated upon use. The card expires at midnight of the last day.