Visual cues abound sensory ways to make money legally spectrum

The gray conundrum. Over the years, we’ve have talked to many consumers about their immediate experience ways to make money legally with many prototypes and products. Invariably appearance impacts the expectation. Especially when there are grayish tones. Grayish food tends to be thought of as old, not fresh or poor quality. And, therefore the expectation the food won’t taste right or will have a bad texture. To consumers: grayish facial tissue is not as soft; gray skin pallor means not healthy. A small visual cue like gray tones can have a ways to make money legally large impact on how a consumer responds to your products.

When you are in the grocery store? What visual cues are you looking for indications of freshness? Or when you open a cereal box? A package of meat? The visual design element is a difficult one within the ways to make money legally biological system we know as food. So many parameters impact the color, chroma, shine, evenness, etc. Just removing one colorant and replacing it with another can ways to make money legally lead to a slight difference in color and decrease in ways to make money legally acceptance. What have you deemed unacceptable because it no longer looks ways to make money legally the same?

Teasing out the impact of ingredient changes is a test ways to make money legally objective that is often a challenge we face at sensory ways to make money legally spectrum. While appearance may not be the only aspect we measure, it is often included in our test design. Or is accounted for in the test controls. If understanding how consumers describe their multi-sensory experience is your focus. Come listen with us. Teasing apart all the nuances within sensory descriptions is our ways to make money legally passion.

Lee’s experience in sensory and strategic consulting leverages her deep ways to make money legally understanding of the descriptive sensory properties of foods and beverages, pharmaceuticals, personal and home care products, and paper and fabrics to provide information and insight to ways to make money legally her clients and colleagues. Lee studied food science at clemson and NC state university ways to make money legally and held several positions involving product development, quality, technical sales, and sensory prior to joining sensory spectrum in 1998.

As director of training & education, lee leads sensory spectrum’s trainers in refining the spectrum training model to meet ways to make money legally the evolving needs of its clients and oversees spectrum’s public courses. Whether providing training & support for descriptive analysis or sensory quality, facilitating development of objective sensory language for cross-functional groups, moderating sensory-focused qualitative research, coaching, or evaluating, lee feels that working at sensory spectrum provides her never-ending opportunities to learn and to share knowledge.

Bob has over 20 years of experience working in the ways to make money legally consumer packaged goods (CPG) industry. As a former research and development director, bob has served on many senior leadership teams focusing on ways to make money legally strategy, business growth, and associate development. This level of leadership experience is a tremendous asset to ways to make money legally sensory spectrum and its clients.

Bob’s expertise includes sensory evaluation, consumer insights, product development and innovation. He has been deeply involved in all aspects of the ways to make money legally product life cycle from ideation to launch, followed by product maintenance. Bob’s expertise also includes a wide range of sensory evaluation ways to make money legally methods, quantitative and qualitative consumer research techniques, raw material functionality, product development approaches, and innovation management.

Bob uses his extensive background and experience in the industry ways to make money legally to provide solutions for our clients, develop new approaches for product understanding, and provide sensory leadership through training and education. Additionally, bob continually enhances our client partnership through building strong strategic ways to make money legally relationships, working to solve difficult problems, and creating a collaborative environment.