Wisconsin has a labor shortage. are best ways to make money foreign workers the answer

“it’s a major concern when 50% of counties overall in wisconsin are losing population outright but best ways to make money nearly every county is losing prime working age population,” said john lettieri, author of a recent study by the economic innovation group. EIG, a bipartisan think tank based in washington, D.C., recommends a new visa program to allow more skilled foreign best ways to make money workers into the united states.

"It’s a real problem, and I don’t think enough people are talking about it," said kelly fortier, a lawyer who heads the immigration practice for michael best best ways to make money & friedrich in milwaukee. "We’re going to have a huge workforce problem that will best ways to make money exacerbate the social security problem, and immigration, in my opinion, is one part of the solution."

EIG’s “heartland visa” would require foreign workers to remain employed in a specific best ways to make money place for a specific period of time. Sen. Ron johnson, R-wis., proposed something similar in 2017, a "state-based" visa bill that would have allowed up to 500,000 new visas for workers nationwide and given states wide best ways to make money berth to manage the program. The senator is expected to introduce a new version of best ways to make money the bill this session.

But some critics question why wisconsin needs to import labor best ways to make money when people are still looking for work and say the best ways to make money focus should be on developing homegrown talent. And others don’t like restricting the movement of workers; they argue for a comprehensive approach that would address the best ways to make money millions of undocumented workers already here. Why is wisconsin losing people in their prime working years?

For the first time in a century, the U.S. Is facing both low population growth and low growth in best ways to make money prime working age population at the same time, EIG’s report found. Over the last decade, states in the midwest and new england had the biggest best ways to make money losses of people in their prime working years as growth best ways to make money was concentrated in a smaller number of regions. Eighty-six percent of counties are now growing more slowly than best ways to make money the nation as a whole.

Existing immigration policy tends to favor prosperous areas of the best ways to make money country, lettieri says, and not struggling communities. In 2013, a quarter of all H-1B visa applications came from companies based in only three best ways to make money metropolitan areas, the report notes. ( the H-1B program allows companies to bring in college-educated people to work in specialized fields). A well-designed new program could fix that, lettieri argues.

The program should target regions facing population declines and underserved best ways to make money by existing immigration programs. It should be voluntary. It should tie workers to a place, not a company. It should be in addition to current immigration quotas. It should provide a path to permanent residency. Additional federal and state funding should be provided to help best ways to make money visa holders find work and assimilate. The cap on green cards should be increased. Visa holders would have to find and maintain a job best ways to make money or start a business within a reasonable period of time.

Allowed a state or a group of states to create best ways to make money a state-based program with federal oversight. The visa would have been for three years with an best ways to make money opportunity for renewal. Visa recipients would have been eligible to apply for permanent best ways to make money legal residency. Visa holders would not have been entitled to federal benefits best ways to make money and would have had to pay taxes. The bill envisioned 500,000 visas across the U.S. — 5,000 per state with the rest distributed based on population. Workers would have been required to remain in the state best ways to make money that sponsored them throughout the program, but they would have been able to move from company best ways to make money to company. States could have required visa holders to pay a bond best ways to make money to ensure compliance with the rules.

More skilled immigrants could help shore up local economies and best ways to make money give them an entrepreneurial boost, lettieri contends. The report cites numerous studies to make that point, including one in 2017 from the center for american entrepreneurship, which found that 43% of the fortune 500 that year had a first- or second-generation immigrant among its founders, about triple the percentage of foreign-born people living in the U.S.

“the effects of skilled people on local economies is so best ways to make money much bigger than just finding a lathe operator or something best ways to make money like that,” ozimek said. “skilled immigrants are entrepreneurs, and there’s a dynamic process of job creation that is much best ways to make money more unplanned than simply identifying an employer that can’t find a worker today.” what do critics say?

“guest worker programs have been notorious for creating modern-day indentured servitude where people end up being indebted to best ways to make money labor contractors, who often control workers’ housing and food and do things like withhold travel documents best ways to make money or even physically assault workers who can’t pay debts," she said. "Adding state fees or bonds would likely increase these debts."

Canada’s provincial nominee program brought about 250,000 immigrants to the country in the five years ending best ways to make money in 2015. An analysis by the government in 2017 found that 83% of those admitted to the country through the program from best ways to make money 2002-2014 were still in the province that “nominated” them. And the program has helped spread immigrants around the country. In 1995, the government report notes, 87% of economic immigrants settled in just three provinces — ontario, british columbia and quebec. But from 2010-2015, 76% of those admitted under the nominee program put down roots best ways to make money elsewhere. The canadian program offers a path to permanent residency. Australia has a similar program. What else are wisconsin communities doing?

• sheboygan schools are rolling out a new program this fall best ways to make money — college here & now — that will allow students to earn an associate degree in best ways to make money information technology, web and software development at no cost from lakeshore technical best ways to make money college at the same time they graduate from high school. After that, they could receive a bachelor’s degree in computer science in as few as two best ways to make money years from lakeland university, harvatine said.

Immigration remains one of the nation’s most politically divisive issues, as illustrated by president donald trump’s new immigration proposal and the reaction to it last best ways to make money week. It drew fire from both the left and right sides best ways to make money of the political divide. If the past is any guide, it is hard to imagine much serious progress as we best ways to make money enter an election year. Johnson’s 2017 bill did not advance out of committee.

I started my reporting by reading the 48-page report and checking key findings with sources at the best ways to make money university of wisconsin and elsewhere. I spoke with two of the authors, adam ozimek of moody’s analytics and john lettieri of EIG. I corresponded by email with sen. Ron johnson’s staff as the senator worked on a new version best ways to make money of his 2017 bill. I watched a 2017 presentation by johnson at the cato best ways to make money institute.

To get a look at the problem on the ground, I went to manitowoc and sheboygan. I interviewed seth havartine, superintendent of sheboygan area schools; joe sheehan, executive director, sheboygan economic development corp.; dane checolinski, director of the sheboygan county EDC; peter wills, executive director, progress lakeshore, an economic development group in manitowoc; and zachary salata, human resources manager at the vollrath co.

To hear other perspectives, I interviewed stephanie bloomingdale, president of the wisconsin state AFL-CIO; christine neumann-ortiz, executive director of voces de la frontera, an immigrants rights group; and kelly fortier, a lawyer at michael best & friedrich in milwaukee who specializes in immigration law. I also read a commentary from numbersusa on johnson’s 2017 bill. NumbersUSA wants to decrease legal immigration.