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Could you imagine being so hungry that you can see ways to make a lot of money online every little detail of your bones? What if you didn’t have enough energy talk, or even walk? This is not a joke, nor a pleasant position to be in. When we think hunger, we say to ourselves, " oh ya, I’ve been hungry before, I’ve missed a couple of meals, then my stomach starts to growl, big deal" no, you’ve got it all wrong! Hello fellow classmates and miss.Skradski, today I will be talking about world hunger with you.

Poverty is the main cause of hunger in the world. Poverty includes people’s lack of resources, such as food, water, proper climate, and even soil fertility. Giving an unequal pay can also lead to poverty. For example, in developing countries, poor people approximately receive $1.25 a day or less. Without the money, you can’t buy food, water, proper soil, seeds; pretty much anything to survive. This payment is leading to a decrease in death of ways to make a lot of money online human life-l.23 billion people to 982 million in 2004. However, hunger can also lead to poverty. By causing poor health, and even low levels of energy, hunger can lead to even greater poverty by reducing people’s ability to work and learn. Therefore, there is a relationship between poverty & hunger, and that one affects the other, like vice versa.

Hunger can have a very powerful effect on your body. Examples are malnutrition, sickness and even death. Malnutrition is a term that indicates a lack of some ways to make a lot of money online or all nutrition necessary for human health. One in twelve people worldwide are malnourished, including 160 million children under the age of 5. There are two basic types of malnutrition. The first and most important type is protein-energy malnutrition-the lack of enough protein and food that provides energy, which all of the food groups provide. This type of malnutrition is most likely to be referred ways to make a lot of money online to when talking about world hunger. The second type of malnutrition, also very important, is micronutrient deficiency-the lack of enough vitamin and minerals. This is not likely to be referred to world hunger, though it is certainly very important. About 880-920 million people in the world are hungry. Ninety-five percent of these people live in developing countries, which are africa, asia minus russia, china, taiwan india, japan, and south korea, this list can on forever. Around every 3.6 seconds, some dies from hunger. For example, now (wait 3.6 seconds) now (wait 3.6 seconds) now (wait 3.6 seconds) … And it keeps going. Every year, 10-20 million children die from this crisis, and about 34 million adults die. Throughout the 1990’s, more than 100 children died, and about 180 million adults died. In conclusion, hunger can affect the way your body functions properly.

You are probably thinking to yourself, "all the hungry people live too far from me, I can’t really help" no, there are so many ways you can help; people from all around the world are joined together in ways to make a lot of money online special organizations, such as bread for the world, RESULTS, food research and action center, known as F.R.A.C. Bread for the world is a national christian grassroots organization ways to make a lot of money online that seeks justice for the world’s hungry people, including people in the united states.

RESULTS is an international citizens’ group whose purpose is to create a political that will ways to make a lot of money online end hunger and poverty. F.R.A.C is a leading national organization working to improve public ways to make a lot of money online policies to put an end to hunger and under nutrition ways to make a lot of money online in developing countries. Even when you go from store to store, they just might have a donation box for the hungry; just by throwing some change in there, you are helping! Thus, you have so many organizations to pick from, and you won’t break a sweat donating. I bet you, that once you make a contribution, you will believe that you did a reliable thing.